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    Hey guys, im going to make a new, healthier, longer lasting pipe, one hitter, or water pipe and would love helpful input. First of all, im not switching to a bong, its not as stealthy or well fitted for my situation.
    Now, id like any help , tips, pics, warnings, and ideas to help me construct my homemade piece.

    There are a few specs that I feel are very important: it must be silent or near silent, it has to be coverable to not let smoke into the room, it has to be safe (eg. No aluminum or plastic in the flame or superglue on heat), it must be made from stuff around the house.

    Please include helpful input and ask any question at all to help make my new thing. :)
  2. highlighter: remove bottom plastic piece, remove the ink and marker tip thing (just pull it out), cut a hole in the side and stick a small socket in. profit 
  3. Carve it outta' wood man, using a drill and a knife

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