need help on harvesting

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by katie, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. i am going to harvest my plants tonight, but 6ft tall plant, only top half are good to harvest, so what should i do with the bottom, should i just cut them in middle and harvest the top and leave the bottom keep go to grow flower, or what can i do, or just cut each branches of the main? or cut the main in the middle?

    need help asap
  2. you just answer your own quetion...latez...
  3. what is the fastest way in the world to dry them?
  4. to properly dry, it takes anywhere from 2-4weeks. no shortcuts
    don't even think of useing the microwave or the oven, unless u want to smoke the nastiest weed ever
    just hang them upside down in a cool (55-65degrees), DARK place, w/ humidity around 50-60%.
  5. hi goin thru the same thing...

    i just cut the damn thing in half (main in the middle) and im leavin the rest to mature...

    on the drying thing i just read a post that says to put a fan on the buds to help it out a bit...where i am its 35 degrees celcius so were cookin...if im lucky the whole top will b ready in 3-4 days...good luck!
  6. don't put the fan striaght on the buds.......have it circulating the air if need be, but if it's straight at the buds, it could force dry them.........not really what you want........Peace out........Sid
  7. thanx for mentioning that sid i didnt even think about that at all...

  8. no probs, that's what i'm here for.........Peace out........Sid
  9. after i hang them to dry in about 3- 4 days, are they ready to smoke and share?

    but the smell seems different. or because they are too fresh?

  10. It all depends on the climate where you live, but if you dry the proper way like described here by our esteemed specialists (LOL) it will take at least a day or ten. Have also a look at this new 'Grandpa's grow guide'. The old fart really seems to know his shit!
    It's a waste to force drying or to smoke wet buds. Also it takes several days for the THC to become psychoactive! So wait at least 10 days.

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