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need help on gettin clean in less than a week

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by nucan, Nov 22, 2002.

  1. if anyone has read my other thread then they already know about the fucked up situation im stuck in. it basically comes down to me having to get clean in about 5-6 days. ill be drinking shit loads of water, and sweatin my ass off every one of those days but im lookin for any other techniques yall guys know of or heard that works. i need somethin that cleans me out. not just covering it up for alittle bit (which is what most "get-clean-fast" things do). cuz i gotta pass a piss test which i have no idea on its exact time or date. just that it is sometime over a period of a week. only post things u know will work. i dont wanna waste my time with bullshit ideas. ill prolly be trying eveyrthing yall post up here. so help me out..PLEASE!!!
  2. I don't know of anything off the top of head pal, but I'll run some searches for ya!
  3. Do lots of running, drink lots of cranberry juice and if you're lucky...

    Or you could get someone elses piss........
  4. there probably aren't any head shops in rome, but go to like a GNC and get the detox stuff. i honestly don't know how well it will work, but i'm sure it couldn't hurt. you can also hit a drug store and pick up a marijuana testing kit. again, i don't know how accurate they are, but maybe it will give you an idea.... exercise, plenty of water and cranberry juice, fasting drinks - anything that will clear your system.

    best of luck
  5. i've heard that lots of drinking green tea (not the ice tea, the real bag in hot water stuff,) and sesame seed bagels. where the tea flushes you out, but also the bagel cause's a change in the test, showing different chemicals and stuff. Remember that the THC is stored in the bodys fat cells, so saddly enough, you could excersize and burn fat. that too will help...
  6. I would suggest maybe fasting some? I would think that the less you eat and the more liquids you intake, the faster you would become cleaned out. But I don't know for sure.
  7. Well, let me break it down for you. If you've been a pretty heavy smoker before, you are basically screwed. Well, you could get someone elses piss as D9_THC here recommended, cuz thats the only chance you really have. If you are a light smoker, get high maybe a few times a month, fuckin drink all you can to get it out of your system. You should do long runs too to sweat it out and definitely drink lots of water. Well friend, good luck!
  8. Friend tells me a friend told him diuretics will clean u out. His suggestion, get drunk a lot, piss up a storm. Dunno how well it works but u'll definitely be pissin more.
  9. ok... here we go...

    drinking water all week isn't going to do squat 'cause THC isn't water soluable... therefore save the water for right before the test to dilute what IS in your urin.

    i don't know what everyone's fixation with cranberry juice is... it's good for your urinary tract and cleans that out... but i fail to see how it removes THC from your urin.

    exercise speeds up metobalism which in-turn burns off fat at a higher rate. this will help you become clean quicker.

    DON'T FAST!!! if you cut off your food supply or drastically reduce your fat intake, your body's just going to keep what it already has for longer... so you'll just end up making things worse.

    GNC has detox kits which include shampoo and pills (the pills speed up your metabolism so don't take too many at once... just what it says in the kits instructions), but it takes a week to be completely clean... so if you did this, worked out a little, and drank a lot of water (the day of the test) you should be fine.

    b-vitamines also speed up your metabolism... so you might wanna pick up some niacin pills or something... just to help out a little. only take like 1 when ya wake up, 1 in the afternoon, and 1 before bed or something like that... depends really on the mg you get.

    if you want fool-proof go to follow any associated links that have to do with urin in a pouch. they usually come with temp controls to keep the urin in the proper range... they're a bit costly, but a good investment. you usually get enough for 2 tests, too... so it averages out to like 30-40 $$ for each test, which is about the same as the detox drinks at GNC.

    sorry for it being so long... hope this helps :)

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