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  1. Hi this my first grow, (they are 3 weeks, 3 days old) i am using 50/50 perlite & coco coir, canna a&b, water pH of 6, and theyre on a 16/8 300w cfl light schedule, i bought a few female autos...Amphetamine is darker bushier one, has gone well so far, Crop Circle however has had a few problems and I need advice...

    Prob 1: So as you can see ONE tip looks like has slight nutrient burn, not really an issue coz it hasn't spread or anything, but that was first worry.
    Prob 2: I did unfortunately water it too hard with a stupid new watering can and, like a fucktard, knocked crop circle over, (noooooo!) However I don't THINK I snapped the stem so much as bent it completely? Hard to tell without digging up so I put coco around it for support and have been preying it recovers enough.
    Prob 3: as if those problems aren't enough, I'm sure most of you already clocked onto the claw? Seems like both plants are slightly clawing? Crop circle definitely seems to be a bit twisted as Well. Is this nitrogen deficiency? Is Calmag needed asap? Or am I over watering? Also whats the best flowering nute for fat buds?Please help asap. (Amphetamine below)
    20170817_091622.jpg (Crop Circle below) 20170817_091617.jpg
  2. Your plants look fine. How often do you feed? What's the pH? What strength nutes? What water are you using? Are you feeding to run off? It is impossible to over water a 50/50 coco/perlite mix - I feed daily to run off. More info please?
  3. Looks like you could use a little cal mag judging by the leaves starting to yellow. If its a nitrogen deficiency, it wouldnt be attacking the new growth yet. Best flowering nutes are phosphorus and potassium. Nothing special. Its a weed, doesnt take much to grow and pretty hard to kill.
  4. The amphetamine looks every so slightly nitrogen-toxic. Middle sets of leaves are very dark, lower leaves are burn/yellowing, there's some clawing, it's all classic. The plant is handling it very well though, and probably you could get away with no changes as it grows out of it.

    If you are treating the Circle in the same way, same nutes same schedule, since it's suffering that probably says the nutes are too strong, and it's not nitrogen-toxic like its buddy because it is too shocked to absorb the nitrogen. Looking at the Canna A/B nutrient analysis there ought to be enough calmag certainly at this stage. If you have the ability to check the pH of the runoff, the rootzone of the Circle may be off for some reason.

    Try dialling back the nutes a little or even miss a feed just use water, and/or try leaving them an extra 24 hours without watering as they are very drought tolerant.
  5. Water pH of around 6, using canna a +b at half strength, and yeah I water so there's about 20% run off then I dump that down the sink. Thanks for replies guys, I will water with just pH6 water for a day, see if that helps, il check pH of run offs too, and il have to buy some Calmag and flowering nutes asap, I feed them once a day at the moment by the way. I've heard its practically impossible to over water with perlite, and they never quite dry out before next water, some people say u should let them dry out a little, others say never do that. I am pretty paranoid about root rot though, so should I be waiting til they dry out more? E.g.. Water every 2 days?
  6. Oh my god. Yesterday they looked like that, woke up today and they look like this.... They've practically died over night. The lights were on their 18hrs ON schedule. Is this nutrient burn or nitrogen deficiency? Can it be fixed with Calmag? Is this really 3 weeks down the drain? :(

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  7. You probably over fed. Best thing to do is flush it and start over or just start over completely.
  8. I've flushed 3 times with just pH 6 water, it's impossible to over water with perlite. This is not the issue. Can anyone help? Their leaves all twisted and turned upwards and shrivelled up. This is What? Nitrogen toxicity? Caused by What? Too many nutrients? Or is this cal mag deficiency? OR is this possibly too much humidity? Someone told me to put a wet towel in there during veg, 2 days later theyre fucked. Ive taken it out now just incase but duno if that was the prob or not. HELP PLEASE, my babies are dying!!

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  9. All I can think is too much humidity from from me taking wet towel idea too far...or heat stress from being in stealth closet. Either could've been avoided if I'd bought a hygrometer. Question is will they recover? I hear the damaged leaves won't but new growth might be ok with some luck and TLC. Flushing them a lot at the moment. Not sure they are even alive anymore tho :/

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