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Need help on Cannabis project

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by weedzilla420, Jun 5, 2004.

  1. How's it going gc?,
    so i have to present a project on the sweet cheeba for a drug class i'm in. i have a few ideas on what to do but i would like to seek the input from the city. what topics do you all think i should include.
    btw, i would really like to present mj in a very positive light to contradict the blatent lies and propaganda thev've attempted to brainwash the class with. (they showed a video about addiction where this guy tried weed for the first time and within less than one week he was addicted to heroine and eventually od'ed...lol)
    -any help ya'll could give me would be greatly appreciated
  2. I would lie like a dog...."Drug bad....and I promise I will never ever do them again".

    That way you can convince the staff in the drug class that you are in.....that you are rehabilitated!
  3. is it a drug clas you have to go to cuz like, you got sent there? or is it just like a class you took in school to fill up some blocks or something?
  4. read Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized by Ed Rosenthal.. i hope i got the title right

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