Need help on a home-made glass bong.

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  1. Hey there GC.

    I'm currently working (or wanting to start working) on a glass bottle bong. I wanna make something fairly permanent and reusable. I have 2 glass bottles, one is a cool Mexican soda bottle for the main part of the bong, and one is a little aged shot bottle from a bottle of bourbon than I want to turn into an ash catcher.

    What I'm wondering, is where can I get glass tubes and such to make the stems, especially one sturdy enough to hold up the ash catcher/bowl? We have one shitty little gift store/headshop in town, and they only sell cheap-o $20 bongs, and rolling papers and stuff. Nothing of quality or individual bong parts. Also, where would one find those little rubber grommets to seal off the holes? I also plan on running down to the hardware store to get some diamond drill bits sometime this week.

    I'll post pictures when it's done!
  2. Alright, I'll bump this once. After that I'll have to take my business elsewhere.

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