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need help nut prob

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by thepurps1, Dec 25, 2008.

  1. my plants sprouted about two and a half weeks ago and i have yellowing between the viens on the new leaves one of them is blotchy, one of them is more spotty and one of them is blotchy but the leaves are curling up on the sides:( i am in a soil mix of fox farm and mushroom compost with a ph of 6.5. i also added some hydrated lime to help keep the ph stable. i am using liquid karma but i only used it twice and with a low ppm of around 200 or so. i have cervantes "bible" :hello:and after studying it for a while it seems like i either have an iron deff or a calcium tox is it possible that i put to much lime even though it was on like a 1/20 ratio? i tried to take pics but my cam sucks i couldent get close enough without it being blurry sorry. what do you guys think? :confused_2: any help would be great thanks

  2. More likely just fert burn from the compost and feedings. Do you have pics?
  3. i tried to take some but you cant see whats going on unless i get close and then my cam sucks and its just to blurry. the karma said it wasent a fert just a growth stim. if this is my prob does anyone know where to find a list if ingreditints? i looked but had no luck

    thanks :metal::smoking:
  4. Which fox farm soiil are they in?
  5. ocean forest
  6. and i also just noticed purple stems could this be sulfer deff?
  7. Doubt it. FFOF PLUS COMPOST would be MORE than enough to fert burn them. There are some strains that get burns from FFOF ALONE. DONT ADD ANY MORE FERTILIZER and consider a flush to all effected plants.
  8. thanks and i havent added any since day berore yesterday i will try the flush. this will get rid of some of the nutes in the ffof as well right? and for future refrence what have you found to be the best soil for seedlings?
  9. Yes flushing will rid it of most of the nutes. FFOF is fine for most seedlings. Its just that some strains are sensitive in which case a pre flush of soil before putting in the seed should be fine.
  10. ok thanks for your help :smoking:
  11. hey, how your nuts doin?? haha
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