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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by tropicana, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. OKAY so i just smoked a joint and a bong toke out my window.. but it reeks so much!
    my mom comes home in an hour.. what can i do?!
  2. Come back when you're 18, or when you're smart enough to smoke outside when your mom isn't there.

    Seriously, you can't figure out on your own on how to cover smells up?
  3. bad vibesss bro
    im just so blown and paranoid...
    can't keep up?
  4. open a window. make some food to cover the smell. spray a little cleaning supplies or cologne.
  5. Check your house for cleaning items, any sort of pet stain powder or spray, febreeze, etc.. If you have a fan or something too turn that on. Cologne, Axe, anything?? lol
  6. Open windows and light candles if you have any.

    Like someone else said cook some food (and possibly burn it) and itll cover up the smell.

    When I smoke in my house the smell is usually gone after about a half hour anyway without windows open or candles.

    edit: post 1111 :eek:
  7. He's absolutely right though.

    You should know by now that no matter what you do, what kind of insulation and/or sprays you have, when you smoke inside the house, the smell will remain. A sploof would help but it wouldn't kill the smell completely.

    Just go outside next time.
  8. Popcorn.

    Make it.
  9. Stay inside, close all windows, and smoke some more.

  10. agreed. you didnt smoke enough.
  11. Besides opening windows, getting good airflow and cross-ventilation going, and spraying air-fresheners, this is the best short-term remedy for mostly/completely masking the smell of recently burned cannabis. Burn the fuck out of the popcorn if you want to absolutely make sure you'll be good, as nobody can smell a goddamn thing over the scent that is burnt popping corn.

    I use pop secret, but any brand of gourmet popping corn will do the trick :smoking:

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