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need help NOW

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by critter 11, May 23, 2003.

  1. my 2 plants under a 1000w are gonna produce about 60 ozs .f++k can l smoke this much ???????
  2. i can help you if you need me too

  3. Yes, YOU can! :D

  4. ya got that right my friend .

    Hey fullmoon BPP.:D
  5. You'll have no problems mate..

    There was a full moon here last night and the night before..

    Tonight there is to many clouds to tell!
  6. hehe I bet all that is gone by now :)
  7. 60!!!???
  8. l think l got approximatly 58 ozs.

    l love juicyfruit.2 plants and a 1000w light :D

    yep its long gone ,l even lost the strain until a week ago when l got a single clone from a guy l,d given one to a couple of years ago .

    What you set free will return one day ,lol.
  9. thats over 1.6gram a watt, good growing mate.

    i realise its a while ago but do you have any pics of that grow or a similer one, details like how long in veg, plant/pot size, room size etc, id be very interested to find out.

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