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  1. Well, to be short, I posted a thread in october after I got in a bad car accident and totaled my car, along with the woman's who hit me. IT was deemed my fault, I got a NEG driving ticked, but later got that dropped by a judge due to no Evidence. Here is my problem, She is suing me now for a lotttt of money. I am pretty sure that my insurance carrier will deal with this, being that it's USAA, but I am not sure. It is a summons for court and even though there were no drugs involved, would they ever try and piss test me? I am trippin right noww cuz I am baked but I smoke a lot of bud :smoking:. I am PRAYING THAT THE DO NOT UA ME, BECAUSE I WOULD FAIL MISERABLY... Anyways. any advice would be awesome :)

  2. I dont see any reason why they would ever piss test you.:eek:

    * I say this because I was arrested for possession of marijuana. And I smoked even though they said I couldnt. Didnt get tested either.
  3. I'm not completely sure about this, but I don't think they will piss test you.
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    What good is a drug test going to now if your accident was in October? It wouldn't prove much would it. :smoking:
  5. Thanks guys, and the last poster made a good point. I am just really bakeddd....

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