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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by SmokersCough, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Ok so this is what ive started.
    I built a tent today out of 3/4 in pvc and poly plastic. The tent is 6x6x7 and has a foot of open space between it and the ceiling. I positioned the tent in my spare room directly under the central ac vent. I will be running 1 1000 watt hps air cooled hood for flower. I have a 6 inch inline fan 430cfm and not sure if i should place it in the tent pushing air out or place the fan outside the tent pushing fresh air in. Im worried about heat. I keep my house 70 degrees 24/7. I will also have 1 oscilating fan and 1 on the floor blowing at the plants. How should i set up my fan to have cooler temps? Please ur guy's advice is greatly appreciated.
  2. No input on my first post?:confused:
  3. Questions like this have been answered 1,000's of times on here. Look for the answer. Don't just expect us to hold your hand.
  4. Forums full of smart ass's. Thanks. Over to 420mag.
  5. Here, allow me to take time, setup an account on a site, just to ask a blatantly stupid question, expecting a spoon fed answer, that could simply be answered by typing "grow tent setup" into any search. People like you are the main reason this worlds going to hell. Think for yourself and don't expect jack shit.
  6. Air being pulled out is best, then you're forcing the hotter air out. And just have passive air for the bottom.
    You're still gonna need to figure out a solution for cooling it I would imagine.
    Guess it depends on the temperature of the room its.
  7. Moses can i spoon feed u baby shit? If u type in grow room setups u get mixed answers, mixed opinions and a shit tone of argumental responses. I was asking opinions on my setup. I wasnt expecting a sarcastic answer from an imbred. Medicine man i appreciate your advice. Ill mount up my vortex in my tent pullin air through my hood exiting out of the room. Hopefully the central air will keep it cool enough being ran 68. If not ill have to go buy a window unit and a charcoal filter.
  8. Is there a window you could have the hot air exhaust out? Then you would just need a carbon filter if you're worried about the smell.
    Then again it may be cheaper in the long run to have a window unit. Instead of just blowing air out the window keeping your central air on all the time.

    And there's always that possibility that someone will be a smart ass and tell you to find your own info. Shit, I know I've done it before but it usually just leads to a pointless argument.
    It's easier to just give the advice or back out and don't post...
  9. That was perfectly stated. I think ill end up buying an ac unit. If i do that will i still need to exhaust the room? I already plan to exit out of the room my tents in, into the hallway of my home.
  10. Couldn't tell ya that. Couldn't really hurt though, more air circulation ya know.

    So if you have a window ac and are venting out into your place why do you need a carbon filter? Are you in a apartment?
  11. Good point. I like to have company over. But i guess everyone who comea by smokes so wtf kronik air freshner for the house it is. I will be posting pics of my set up and continuing into my grow.
  12. The way i did it is just having a passive intake for the tent then pulling air with your fan keeping negative pressure in the tent will help out with smell alot in the house then scrub the air and run it out the window your tent will stay about 8 or 10 deg f hotter then the room its in thats just from my experience although the size of the fan your using will change that variable and your lights so its hard to say what the temps will be but if you find that its not working then you can always air cool the hood seperately pull air straight through the hood and out of the tent. anytime you can manage you should try your best to pull air rather then push it itll keep it cooler and less smelly. theres alot of smart asses on here that act like they didnt get spoon fed answers when they started out but a little help goes a long way just keep reading and blow off peoples useless comments, any questions lemme know.
  13. Also just to add that I personally would scrub the air I had no idea how bad this shit could stink my first couple grows were done with no filter and i came home from a camping trip and could smell my third floor apartment from the next building over and that was 4 plants lol.
  14. Any answer you get on this here is going to be general since no one other then you is at your house. Your best bet which you should always do on a new set up is set it up do a dry run. Run the system for a couple hours. If your heat is fine then your good. If its not then adjust or figure out a way.

    That being said theres only 2 ways to cool something. Passive and Active. Passive your relying on air exchange which is what most of us air out cool air in. With that youll never get it cooler then ambient and if you cant exchange enough air fast enough then heat builds up. Simple.

    Active you have a cooling system like a AC thrown in the mix. That dramatically helps in cooling oviously. Also adds dramatically to your power bill as AC units suck alot of juice.

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