Need Help new growth yellow and curled down

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  1. hello,
    So I recently grabbed some clones and stuck them at half nute strength...
    Then They seemed fine so I upped to recommended. 
    Plants are under 1000W HPS
    sitting in small rockwool cubes
    just transd into net pots with growstone
    not much roots coming out the bottom, just a few poking out
    plants are about 8-10 " high from top of rockwool
    Here is feeding schedule ATTATCHED
    now the weird thing is plants look overwatered, yellow and droopy up top.
    There is no nutrient burn and PH has been between 5.5 and 6.1 average.
    I am using TAP water and PPM shows to be 1060 with everything measured out
    what am i doing wrong....


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  2. Your not using coco :)Sent from my C6903 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    I have another question....
    Say my tap water is at 300 PPM
    My nutrient res is at 1050PPM does this mean according to the grow chart that I am about within the PPM range of 775 ballpark range? or does the grow chart have an overall PPM of 775 (chart says 772 exactly) and I need to drop the PPM within my reservior? 
    I assumed that the approx PPM listed in the chart is for all of the nutrients within 50 gallons of water based on a 0ppm water.
  4. Plants that size (especially with no roots) can't handle 1060 ppm. Give it a try with only base nute and root stimulator, ppm 400-500.Also go with 5.8-6.1 for ph. How close is your light to the plants? Sent from my SPH-L720 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  5. Beat me to it. As soon as I saw the PPMs at 1060, I knew that had to come down. I'd also like to know how close they are to the light. I never veg with HPS. And 1000 watts is a lot of juice for those clones. Especially with minimal root production right now.
  6. ok thanks guys i have raised light to about 3 feet above and lowerd PPM .... I think the light was the cause of the yellowing could it be sort of bleaching the plant out? like when things get sun faded?
  7. yeah that'll happen with those kilowatters...
  8. You could honestly just use some cool colored (daylight) cfls or some floresants at least for the first 3 weeks and still get great plants.
  9. I figured that out but the guy i got the clones from said he puts them im 1K ... so i tried what he recommended since he did the cross strain and swore by it... ... I have found out that I did better with the other half in the clone dome under a T5 with a warming pad...... FML... live you learn i guess...

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