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  1. hey blades, I bought an OakTop Portable vaporizer on ebay and got it last nite. heard the reviews were good and if any of you don't know the Oaktop is built very similar to the MFLB but made by some dude in Kansas and uses the same parts and adds in a draw stem. anyway, I used it last nite, took a pinch of ground herb (grinded it up twice) and vaped it. I saw the vapor building up and I inhaled and repeated till the weed looked shitty. I could taste it and got a head high like the first time smoking a cig or dipping. that was it tho. it was a buzzkill cuz I would've just took a pinch of snuff and got the same effect. guys what am I doing wrong? need more weed? and one time I let the battery in the vape and I was actually smoking the weed on accident. Will that fuck up my vape, screens or anything else? thanks:)
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    Where did you read good reviews? I've been into vapes for a VERY long time, and very active both here and at the FC but I've never of this vape. Looks like the only place you can buy it is on Ebay.

    Nice lookin' vape though.
  3. also I know you get what you pay for so I don't need to know I paid for a shitty vape as long as it can vape properly I'll keep working on it
  4. It "could" work properly. The problem is finding someone here or over at FC to know for sure IF it could work properly.

    However, if it does work as well as the MFLB, then know that the MFLB has a pretty steep learning curve. Some people pick it up right away........some never do.

    One KEY thing that you must do is to grind your bud VERY fine........almost to powder but not quite.

    Here's an instructional vid that could help:

    [ame=]Keys To Perfect Vaporization - YouTube[/ame]
  5. thanks man. that's why I grinded it twice. any cheap way of getting it to be as almost fine as kief?

  6. Coffee grinder or use a 2pc grinder and grind the fuck out of it.

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