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  1. My old dealer says he's quitting, he wants to get his degree (LOL, i know, it's right out of a hood flick), so he gave me a number, his connect. He says I need to call it and the guy on the other end will send me to 'someone' in the city for what I need. My old dealer says I can buy anywhere from 1gr. to kilos off this guy.

    My question is, how should I contact him? Just call him up and ask him if I can buy some weed, + telling him the name of the guy who gave me his number? Or text him, or what?

    I know this is a pretty noobish question, but I never get introduced to new contacts by just a phone number, I usually meet them in person... I think if I say the wrong shit he'll just ignore me or refuse to sell to me, and then I need to buy off some crappy ghetto dealer.
  2. Don't worry, it's always weird trying to establish a new dealer. I would just call him and say "My boy [dude's name] said you could help me out." If he doesn't answer, leave it as a text message.

    The worst that's gonna happen is he'll hang up or won't answer back.
  3. That's what I would do. Good luck.
  4. Couldn't you just have your old dealer call the new guy and give him a heads up that he might be sending someone his way?
  5. ^what i was thinking
  6. exactly! i'd have your guy come with you for the first pickup. that way the new guy knows you're cool. also you know the way the guy operates and his prices, if they're different
  7. Just call him up and tell him who gave you his number.
  8. "Hey my friend *name said you can help me"
    if he says he cant, thats that

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