Need help naming this one

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  1. This new pipe looks like a pink penis and I want to name it based on that but can't think of anything good. Help!!

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  2. Dude, that's a penis....
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  3. And the fact that you have to put your mouth on what looks like the head of a penis certainly doesn't help.

    I would just cut to the chase and call it "penis"...
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  4. Fleshy
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  5. My brother once had a dick shaped pipe. He named it Richard. Nickname Dick.

    ~Legal MMJ Patient~
  6. Dinky Winky

  7. The pink pony
  8. staying with the dick jokes..."hard on"

    idk, peach snaps? spelling snaps wrong but you get it
  9. Pocket rocket
  10. Peen

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  11. If it was red I'd say you could name it something like The Crimson Cock... lmao
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  12. That would've been amazing

    ~Legal MMJ Patient~

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