Need Help: My Girlfriend Fucked Up My Plant

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by VanillAroma, May 28, 2009.

  1. while i was at work my girlfriend found my secret plant and pulled it out by the roots...i transplanted it backin...but it wont stand up by itself anymmore...
    any advice...
    its about amonth to 2 old
  2. gently place a pencil or pen or shish kebab stick into the soil and tape the stem to the stick... itll add support until the plant is healthy enough to stand on its own
  3. ^^^ What he said, you also need to find a new girlfriend.
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  5. I hope you cock slapped the whore! Does she not want you growing or is she too fucking dumb to know better?

    Bamboo stakes work well, and just use those twisty ties. Also give it a little bigger shot of K to help root growth back!
  6. see i was told by my father that if u have it helped to stand that the stem will become dependant of whatever is supporting it and wont become strong enough to stand on its own....

    im not sure if thats true or not....but i if anyone has experience with it it would be awesome...

    and for the record...
    my girlfriend thinks i quit smoking 2 Years Ago....haha....

    And shes a Pediatrician so shes definitely "worth it " on top of a Former Miss Florida Pageant Contestant lol...
  7. your fucked if you guys break up! its a simple phonecall made in anger and your done. as for the plant depending on the stake i have had opposite results. when i stake a plant with in a week i notice the branches reeaally starting to grow out nicely.they help up untiil you chop em then its a good feeling when you harvest and your takin stakes out and the branches are snaping and bending in their own girth, the top cola bending the main stalk 110 degrees and shit! i love bamboo stakes.
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  9. I had to put my plant on the pole for about after a transplant. I left the pole there for about three weeks and then it waqs fine, nice and strong. how tall is the plant?

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  13. What I would do is attach something to the stem (as mentioned above: pencil, kabak stick, bamboo, whatever).

    If you leave it like this for the duration of your plants life it will leave the stem weak, and even the leaves might be heavy enough to break them stem, and you won't get a crop at all. It could also be just enough help, and your plant will be fine til you're ready to harvest.

    To prevent the former you need to strengthen your main "tree trunk".

    I'd suggest that after your "trunk" has regained some strength, put a small fan on it on the highest setting your plant can take without whipping around. In nature the wind is what tells plants they need to grow stronger, thick stems.

    This could be enough on it's own.

    Eventually you'll be able to remove the brace. You'll have to stop the fan, or lower the fan speed. After a few days, return the fan on low, or turn it up one notch if you didn't remove it. Pay attention to your plant, it'll tell you how much "wind" is too much. Eventually you want to have your plant standing with no brace, and with the fan on at full. That'll make your plant as strong as it can be.

    A strong fan, pointed right at a plant from the time it first starts to grow normal leaves will completely prevent "weak stem syndrome" provided that nobody digs up you're plant.

    So sorry about that by the way, that sucks.

    It was already asked, but was she trying to destroy your plant, or did she just not have a clue? either way, i think you should talk to her.
  14. I always build up another level of soil to support the plant and firmly press the soil around it being carefull not to crush it.

    All the plants i have which have flopped over i have used the above method and they do not become dependant on any kind of support sticks or anything.

    Your girlfriend wins worst girlfriend of the year award for pulling up your plant. I would not stand for that and i would tell her too stop it or take a hike.

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