Need help..... my first grow and i have a deficiency

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  1. Im new to Grasscity  im not sure if this is the right place to  put in my topic but if it isn't  forgive me.well  Well im having issues with  my plant that  I have a thinking phosphorus. I have feed  with osmocote smart release with NPK of 14-14-14.  I did order  Jungle Juice Bloom  to see if that  will help bring my bud bigger and full but  just alittle lost that  im going to mess things up .Can someone help me  please. I probably have about  3 weeks  til harvest .


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  2. Do you have a scope or magnifying glass? Check the underside of that leaf real closely, looks like there could be some mite damage.
  3. Looks like it's low P...  But it's normal for leaves to turn yellow and fall away as you get further into flowering.  I wouldn't worry about it too much, definately start thinking about flushing, not more nuting..  Your leaves will continue to go downhill until harvest, the plant wants to reproduce, so it's killing everything off to make the flower bigger in an attempt to catch some pollen.
  4. To Flush  what water should I use ,is it ok to use tapwater ?
  5. Looks like either a calcium def or possible spider mites.
    pH your water even if it is tap when you go to flush
  6. i will do some checking 
  7. what should the ph be  ?
  8. 6.3-6.5 pH is what I aim for
  9. The leaf marks might also be heat burn? Did u ever spray water on them? For a flush just use normal water (assuming its ok) with a ph around 7
  10. Im not seeing any heat burn. Possibly light burn but not heat.
    here is an example of heat stress:
  11. no spray on leaves  , maybe a possibility  leaf  burn  cause i had cut my fan off. Cause its cold in the room .Using cfls and  the bulbs are not touching  leaves 
  13. Your leaves will taco like the picture above if its from heat.
    Since they aren't, I think you have a calcium deficiency in your plant.
  14. how do  cure  Calcium def .I seen  Using  Ep Salt
  15. That or some Cal/Mg nutrients.  You would want to barely any though because your not far from harvest..  How often do you water?
    You say your 3 weeks from harvest?  On your last watering did you use nutrients? If you can use some Cal/Mg this watering and then water again with plain before your flush, i think you'll be fine.  You should flush for at least 2 weeks with bottle nutrients.
  16. i probabaly water  from every3-5 days  all depends  on if  my soil is dry,my last water  yes  i had got a hold  of some  jungle  juice  bloom  thinking it need  some  P  but  i don't know what  im doing so  this is when i came here after doing that. im considering  flushing  tonight.Yes  3weeks  and  my tricones are  half milky and clear  
  17. Okay well some people put cal/mg in their water multiple times in a row, if recommend just a small dose before flushing. It's up to you and some people will disagree with me.

    We already know your plant is deficient in something. So if you flush tonight I'm afraid your plant won't finish it's last 3 weeks to its fullest capabilities.

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  18. well reason  i consider flushing is because  im not sure if the  jungle juice was the thing to do  but do you think i should  just  get Cal  nut and  run it thru before  flushing 
  19. Have you checked your trichomes?  What color are they at the moment?
    Its just such a gray line.  I would hate to give you the wrong advice, telling you to give some cal/mg and then not get a proper flush before harvest.
  20. trichcomes are half  milky and half clear , more of them are milky

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