need help mixing ph down

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  1. 5ml to every 38liters.
    has to be a way to mix out a smaller batch of this stuff!
  2. dont go by what the bottle says, you need to buy a ph meter at the garden store there only about 20$. Then depending on what your doing drop the ph as necessary. Be careful that stuff is usually very potent

  3. I put a drop into a gal bucket, that usually drops the ph to 1.0 in the bucket then I add a tiny amount of that into my res very slowly..
  4. 20 droplets = 1ml
    1ml =1000 micro liters
    1 droplet = 50 microliters
    50 microliters = .05ml

    so would i get away with mixing 3 drops per liter?
    it would be 0.15 instead of the 0.13 its sopposto be.

    38 x 0.13 = 4.94 so .6 off...

    sorry i am horrible at math someone please correct me as i need to balance my tap water ph down to 6.8 instead of the 7.6+ that it is.
  5. I dont know man i dont use any math when im dropping my ph, cant help ya there. sorry brother

  6. yes my soil ph is inbewtween 6.7 and 6.9 in various spots and depths.

    i got this plant fully grown, so i need to keep it where its at.
    i need to bring down the ph levels in the water i have as it reads well over 7.6

    i also have a master water testing kit, ph, high range ph level, amonia, nitrate and nitrite.
  7. and you only use 1 drop per galon?
    how the fuck does that even out?
    thats 50 microliteres... per galon?
    i was fuckin around with the stuff put 1 drop in 5ml and it dropped from 7.6+ to below 6.0
  8. i am not adding to my res because i am not growing hydroponically.
    i need my feeding water to be at the right levels for the plant.:eek:
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    i just added 3 drops to 1 L of water
    waited 20 min tested again still over 7.6
    added 3 more drops so 6 in total
    going to test again in 4 min
  10. ph down should work instantly... just make sure to give it a good shake
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    If the plant looks healthy don't try to fix it!!!....That range is acceptable, but 6.5 would be optimal.
    My tap water is 7.40 and the soil ph is at 6.5 when watered. When I add 1/2 FF nutes to water the ph solution lowers to 6.60 and the soil ph is still 6.5.
    Unless you have some real rank water you don't need to alter your ph to much unless the plant shows signs.
    Hydro systems is where ph is crucial because the roots feed directly from the solution with no medium to buffer the effects.
    Most good grades of potting soil are ph balanced, I will usually put soil in a cup and test soil ph with water out of the tap, and then with nutes added to deterimine the best ph adjusment(if any)before I plant in the soil.
    Soils that are not balanced can be neutralized(raised)by adding fine dolomite lime to the soil, or Sparagum peat moss to lower. Cottonseed meal will also lower ph in soil.
    If you start with a decent ph balanced soil you won't have to be adding ph up and down to an excess throughout the grow.
    If you use one of those prong ph soil tester throw it away, because their not accurate and use another method.
  12. i use the advanced nutes ph down that shit is potent!

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