need help mixing my soil

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  1. got some nice little seedlings coming up.  need soil to transplant indoors.   i live in the boonies with limited access and want to transplant soon so i'll tell ya what i've got and what i can get and maybe u can give me a recipe that i can use right away if not sooner. thx mucho
        what i got
    very sandy loamy outdoor garden soil
    worm castings
    beats peat (neutral ph peat)
    old black topsoil sealed in bags (lots)
    vermiculite (alot) and also what i believe to be pearlite (a gallon)
    epsom salts
    some organic liquid fish emulsion stuff
       what i can get (cheap and quick)
    blood meal 
    bone meal
    general new potting soil
    phosphate something
    chemicals (no thanks)
    hope this isnt an outrageous request but i am somewhat high with questionable judgement says the guy that runs me

  2. Lol. Go check out the organics section mate. You'll get a lotta better answers more quickly over there I reckon.

    Wish I could help, I've never done organics before...
  3. okey dokey and thx a thousand
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    here's my basic mix
    16 qts epsoma potting mix
    8 qts peat
    8 qts perlite
    1 cup kelp meal
    5 cups tomato tone
    top dress with any ewc you have (optional if you don't raise your own worms)
    and treat soil with small amounts of cal mag 1 teaspoon/gallon
    this will be add water only until you are done pruning, then add small amounts of Jacks Blossom Booster  1/2 teaspoon/gallon
    if you can't find local, all can be purchased on amazon, free shipping on epsoma products on orders over $35
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