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Need help making Hash oil for pen

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by snoopdog902003, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. Ok so I recently was informed about the vapo pens and trippy sticks and shit like that, I was supposed to get one but got bullshitted so now I have to make my own oil(dont live in the right state). I have the medical connect but not for the oil. So as i was looking online I saw that there were so MANY different ways and techniques and formulas to make hash oil. It has me all confused. I need to know how to make hash oil for vapo pens. I dont know if all hash oil is the same or if you have to make it a certain way for the pens to vapo it, I have no idea and everybodys articles and forums are full of people disagreeing on how to make it, theres no details and everybody is using ounces and pounds of kush which in my state cost from 300 o-4500 p. I do not have that much weed to use and was only planning on using a 3.5 of medical or mabye a quarter if I had too.
    I found a link online on how to make it, seems pretty legit but there using ounces of medical and large plastic buckets. If im only using a 3.5 or a quarter I know I wont need large buckets, Here is the link to what I am looking at.
    So could I just use a bowl instead of a bucket? and it said 17 ounces of solvant per ounce of weed, well if you adjust the ratio to the amount of weed im using that would be about 2 ounces for an eigth and a little over 4 for a quarter.
    Could I just put the bud into a bowl and use a wooden spoon to crush the thc in solvant for a few minutes then pour in another bowl without the bud, rewash that bud again, add to the other bowl then continue with processes using a rice cooker and etc as said in the link?
    Sorry if this is confusing im high writing this
    Basically I want to know If I can do this method using only a 3.5 or quarter instead of using ounces or pounds as provided in the link? Im afraid I might mess it up in the rice cooker or something because it will only be a few ounces not a whole pot so would it just melt it immeadilty?
    Anyways I have no idea what Im doing and need help

  2. If your using a small amount, You should look up a QWISO guide, though if you make it poorly it could have leftover alcohol, or leave bad residue behind in your pen. If you're going to invest in a NICE pen, I'd say only use it for dispensary-grade material, and if you REALLY NEED to make your own oil, smoke it out of a cheap ass G-Pen off ebay so when it does gunk up in the atmozier at least you didn't ruin a nice one.
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    3.5 grams isn't going to produce you shit for yields. With that much your gonna want to make qwiso, but your lucky to pull a gram off that much,if it's some GREAT herb.
    Even if you get 20 percent yields,which is higher than I've gotten enough nug, then your not even gonna get a gram. You should up your amount. Or ask you're dealer if He can get ahold of trim for you. I used to buy a pound of trim for 100 bucks, and made a shit ton of hash with it.
    knives heated dull red
    release sweet smoky nectar
    I am lifted high
  4. Im looking a the QWISO method and seems like the outcome is hash not oil? any links to make oil for pens?
  5. I say make bho bro thats the bezt for the pens

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  6. Bho is so easy to make just tkes theright materials look it up
    You need a extraction tube purified bho Newport is what I use
    Weed or trim
    50 micron screen and clamp
    Heating pad for slow low heat purge ... if u got a vacuum chamber thats even better I purge mine on top kf my grow light its excalty 80 degrees for 24 hours.

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  7. I found a bho extractor i could buy, could I just put bho in the pen, is that the same as cbd?
  8. Makes great gloden budder perfect for a pen

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  9. Dude cbd is in bho very small % unless u make it out of a cbd only strain like valintex

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  10. sorry didnt mean to say cbd dont care about that, I thought the oil had to be oil, not like going wax? but you guys are sure bho will work in the pen if its gooey?

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