need help making a bong

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  1. i want to make a bong that looks like this [​IMG]
    (sorry the picture is so big)
    but i'm not sure how to, it doesn't have to actually be that shape but i was wondering what type of stuff i could use? i'd prefer glass but i wouldn't be able to drill a hole in it
    also, what could i use for a bowl? (i was thinking a bottle cap but that's plastic so..)
    also for the down stem i could use a pen and then make some holes in the bottom of that for it to be in the water

    any one have any advice?
  2. You can use a bottle cap if you have a lug nut to put inside it. Then you can pack in the screw with foil to keep it there.
  3. ahh i gotcha, i'd rather try to stay away from foil though
  4. ok so you will need a few things drill bit (check local hardware stores they are called diamond tip drill bits) need a drill.
    3.get some rubber grommets (you can get these at tractor supply stores or hardware stores)
    4.get a small metal tube that you can fit a metal socket over the size of the tube and socket are your choice. need a vase that is kind of thick.
    6.a towel and a bathtub or sink.
    So the first thing you do is put the diamond tip drill bit in the drill. Then place your towel under the faucet of your sink or bathtub.
    Next carefully place your glass vase on the towel and underneath the faucet. then turn the water on a very low setting just enough to create a small stream. move your glass vase under the water so that water is running over the spot you want to drill (MAKE SURE IT IS COLD WATER).
    Now take your drill and place the bottom of your drill bit on to the glass (do not do it flush with the glass it could break the glass).
    Start drilling slow but get faster and faster kind of slowly while your speeding up the drill start to slowly move the drill so that the drill bit starts to become flush with the glass.
    once it is flush with the glass keep drilling until a hole is formed just DO NOT put to much pressure on the drill or it will crack.
    Now that your hole is made simply slide the right sized grommet in (the grommet should slide over your downstem and the glass whole should be just big enough to put your grommet in). By the way putting grommets in is a bitch lol.
    Now that your grommet is in simply wet your down stem and put it through the whole in the grommet.
    Now simply place the socket over the stem (use the bottom part that hooks in to the ratchet as your bowl and the part you put on screws as the piece that you put on to the metal down stem.
      if this doesnt help go search youtube there are tooons of videos on how to make glass bongs 
    good luck man hope it works out in the end :bongin:
  5. haha right on man thank you so much
    i can't go to the hard wear store right now but i could probably find something around the house
    do you know what could be a substitute for a grommet i could use?
  6. oh also, do i need a carb for this?
  7. electrical tape or hot glue will work just fine i would like to see some pictures when its done man :) and no no carb will be needed
  8. haha definitely will do :D i found some cement glue type stuff that i think would work also, i just need to find a glass vase to use though >.>
  9. man you can find these in alot of places
  10. yea i figured but where i live it's literally about an hour away from the nearest store >.> 
  11. well shit lol just look around the house lol 
  12. lmao i know right

    i found a glass vase that my aunt made (she's a glass blower haha i wish she'd make me a bong) but i think my mum would be pissed if i used it so.. might not want to use that but hopefully i can find something soon
  13. hope you can man lol good luck and be sure to post pictures of it when you are done
  14. Be sure to keep the hole smooth and even, think of the angle the down stem will be at when you put it in. I made a simple glass water pipe, I drilled the hole at a 30 or 25 degree angle, I never have water come through the stem. I used the metal tube off of an Imperial brand hookah pen, disposable but used. After that, I hot glued the stem in the hole. I use foil as the screen because I use a normal Bic brand lighter so the Aluminum doesn't reach the temperature required to vaporize it.
    P.S. Clean the glass dust out regularly, I didn't because I'm a lazy fuck and I ended up having a nasty looking stain type thing on the inside. It doesn't affect the use of the pipe, only the looks.

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