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Need help making 112 brownies this ThanksGiving

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by NYD, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. So i bought some stuff for $1000/112grams and basically got ripped off for the quality. Instead of smoking some dirty weed for the holiday I want to make some brownies. I have never made them before in my life so I have a couple questions. This weed is wet/sticky however lacks potency of dank. Will the wetness cause any problems when trying to absorb the THC in vegetable oil? And how many brownies does one pack of brownie mix make?
  2. Why blast $1000 of weed in brownies for one day? The fuck are you feeding like 30 people?
  3. Half a pack of brownie mix makes 9 brownies in an 8x8 pan. I'm not big into cooking, but assuming 1g per brownie should be good enough.
  4. What the Fuck????? Thats Four fucking ounces!!! How high are u trying to get these people!?!?
  5. the weeds consistency wont matter the butter will just be extracting any thc that is present.

    make canna-butter (1 oz per 1 stick of butter)
  6. Thanks for everybody's response and yes the brownies will be split between around 20 people. Im looking at this cannabutter recipe and it looks tempting! Any difference in success or highness when using cannabutter instead of absorbing the thc in vegetable oil?
  7. Thats over 5 grams a person with fucking edibles! Holy shit I want to come to your parties those people are gonna be high for a week.
  8. An easy alternative to the cannbudder would be to use vegetable oil high in fat and just stir the weed in at a low temp kinda simmer it and then put the oil in a container, strain out the oil from the weed, let cool and then use it for the brownie mix that requires oil not butter. heat n eat.

    butter might extract more thc compared to oil, and taste a little bit better, but aside from that not much difference
  9. Okay- quick few things

    You should definitely not be paying $1,000 for 4 oz of schwag, but I guess you've established that.

    You should definitely not be SMOKING 112 grams of schwag, that would probably be the first weed related death ever. I've never made it past 1 1/2 oz in a session (even with med) without passing out.

    I personally make brownies light, this is with morning glory... Assume double- 1 1/2 amounts for schwag. The schwag will have a stronger taste, if you want good brownies that won't kill, just use the amount of MG I use, or even less then that. They'll supply nice, cheap buzzes.

    I use pillsbury mix, it's very rich. I personally make one mix for 16 tiny brownies in a 8x8 pan. Buying MG by the qp, I use 4 grams per mix, which equates to about $30. If you bought by the gram though, it could run from $50-100, depending on where you live.

    I filter and sell my filtered weed to trolls who will buy that crap for 1/4 of what I got it for, even with ALL the THC filtered out (I had about an oz of cooked MG, and a friends friend said he'd buy it for $50- he was joking. I told him it had no THC but he bought it anyways ;D

    If you did that with schwag by the oz, that could run <$7 for a light brownie mix, with 16 brownies that could nicely buzz 2-4 people.

    The mix could potentially be more expensive then the weed, haha.
  10. Thank you all. One last question. One of my friends is Indian and he said he can bring some Ghee from his house. Its basically like butter but a different type of solid.
  11. Ghee is just anhydrous butter with milk solids removed; it'll work very well. Yes, your herb being wet will cause problems -- decarb it first.
  12. Just make some Rasta Pasta Pesto bro. Easiest and the fastest. Chef Ra rules RIP

  13. Wait, wait you lost me. Decarb my weed???
  14. An entire Oz of weed? I find that extremely hard to believe.
  15. An ounce is possible I think as long as he/she moves quick before there completely out of this universe haha
  16. To everyone asking why the hell he's trying to make so much, did you ever consider he's going to be storing them and eating them throughout the season? If you have the money to waste why not :p ... Or it's just going to be an epic party. INVITE ME!!!

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