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  1. Just as the post up says,I am looking for a picture of Hunk from the Resident Evil video game series and I found a bunch on google images and I even went as specific as 100x100 as I'm told to do and still can't find any.Does anyone have any advice and or/found one?
  2. That's not what this forum is for. THIS forum is for forum technical questions.
  3. ?
    Sorry but I don't seem to understand your answer unless you meant to put a link.
  4. :laughing:

  5. I can see you don't have anything better to do than troll on posts asking for help.All I try to do is ask for some help to look for an avatar you give a smartass comment.Really you should find something better to do than waste your time with stuff like this.
  6. Chill, dude. :p

    Just grab a regular sized picture and resize it to 100x100 in MSpaint or with
  7. just seemed like you were bein a smartass.. put down the guns man i dont want no problems :laughing:
  8. Thanks,+rep for helping.

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