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Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Bluntman00, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. I got id say anywhere from a QP to a half pound of northern lights and some haze :hello: I just harvested earlier and im thinking of just putting them in a grocery bag for the night, is this sufficient?
  2. yeah, I would say no to the grocery bag...
  3. I only needed the grocery bag for one night, i picked my plants late last night and i didnt have anything to dry in, i have nowhere to hang them (cant have them smelling too too much) so im just gonna toss it all in a brown paper bag now.
  4. Yeah paper bag would be a way better idea. It's not like 100% chance you'll get moldy buds, but why take the chance. The paper bags will help wick away a bit of that excess moisture from your fresh buds.
  5. Why would you harvest if you're not prepared..... think a little man.
  6. I wasnt prepared to harvest because i wasnt planning on it, i went there and my spot was obviously tampered with so i just started pulling my plants up and threw them in bags i had in my car...

  7. Ouch, tampering sucks.:( Glad you had some to come back to though. Good luck with the drying.

    Were they ready to harvest btw?
  8. They were just about ready, i was going to pick in about a week anyway ;)
  9. A week makes a big difference, sir.
  10. Well u can put them in paper bags. I have done both (hanging and paper bags). If u want to dry it in 3 or 4 days i would suggest the paper bag. But if u want a slow dry then hang them. Remember slower is better when it comes to drying and curing.


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