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Need help is a 250 watt full spectrum light good enough to start out?or even two of them lol

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Rydog420, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. Need some help there is a great deal for 250 watt led full spectrum lights and want to know if that is good enough or maybe two.I want to try to grow some great lokking stuff so help with any good places for seeds and with info would be great.thanks
  2. There's such a great variation in quality of LED lights that you can't go by wattage rating alone. First of all what is the square footage of your grow?

    What brands are you looking at? I am a big fan of Advanced LED which is an American company that stands behind their product with service. Their lights use lenses which focus the light energy down onto the plants where it's needed the most.

    There are other brands but you should probably spend at least a couple hours researching reviews of lights that are detailed and include PAR and other metrics beside wattage. A single stat only gives you a vague idea of what a light is capable of producing.

    If you go with a cheaply made import that has no service behind it or actual testing on which to base its claimed effectiveness, then you're going to be disappointed in the yields and quality.
  3. I have not started,i am just prepping.Thank you for responding though and the light was only 225 led lights full spectrum and did not say watts i was miss informed.So I dug in and it only said 700 lums,Wich obviously is nothing as you would probably know.I see tents and stuff that come with everything but i think if i shop around and get individually i would save.I dont know,Just checking for everything...Thank you any help is greatly appreciated!

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