Need Help: Inheriting Mature Plants

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Cat 420, May 31, 2013.

  1. So, I am "inheriting" these 4 large 5-6' trees. They are supposed to be Sativa. A 6' tall new in box Grow Closet is supposed to be coming with them. I have invested $320 for all 4 trees and the closet.
    Here is the story. They guy who had them partially harvested them and left alot on the tree. I was supposed to get them and finish the harvest expecting about 6 oz left for me. Then go for a next generation harvest in the future.
    The problem is that due to some issues, the trees have been sitting in his storage garage for 2 months. He had prepped them for travel by wrapping them in butcher paper and have been watered weekly or so he says but they have been in total darkness.
    It seems neglectful, but we had many issue regarding transportation, man power, timing, etc.. that they have sat there for this long.
    Finally today, a truck was found and they may be coming here finally.
    I am wondering what to expect and how this has affected the buds. What should I do first to try to get decent smoke out of this harvest?
    Should I cut it right away and begin drying, or should I try to nurse it back to health?
    What issues might I have? Bugs, mold? death? I need advise very badly.
    I have never grown before, I thought this would be a good way to kick start growing.

  2. Now I'm no expert, but I would say cut them down and harvest straight away as after such time they will be all but dead, watered or not. If your lucky you might be able to get some clones but I wouldn't hold your breath to much.
    Please don't take what I say as gosbel as I could be wrong but this is my honest opinion

    Also would it be possible to get pictures once unwrapped as it may help to get some better answers

    I.E. a picture of the whole tree (which there's 4)
    Close up pics of the leaves say 1-2 from bottom 1-2 from middle 1-2 from top
    Close up pics of some of the crowns same as above top/middle/bottom

    This should be able to assist more in identifying any problems you might have

    if we all had a smoke we wouldn't need war!!

  3. yeah we definitely need pics when you get them if you want any chance of saving those guys...depending on conditions in the storage garage im thinking all your buds might be shot...possibly molded from the inside out because you had no fan on them or anything of that sort but staying hopeful lets see the pics

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