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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by alexbassguy, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. hey everyone, been on here many times before, but never posted till now. i am getting ready to start growing, and need some advice as to how i should go about it. i'm doing it 100% legit, getting my card and patients soon, i'm planning to provide mostly to dispensaries. basically, i have a budget of about $2000, and i'm hoping to do hydro, which i have experience with. i've grown on a large scale before, but not on my own - i was mostly checking ph, mixing water and moving buckets. this time around i'm doing it all on m own, and need to brush up on my info. so here's what i'm thinking - trying to net $16k/mo = 4 lbs/mo, 16 plants running in 2-week cycles in pairs should do that over 4 months, no? i'm looking at getting them up to about 6 foot, most likely indicas. so, here are my questions, much thanks to all of you for your advice and help -
    1. is a pound a plant realistic for any strain at 6 ft?
    2. will $2000 get me a rig and good nutrients (dutch master, hopefully) for 16 plants (being planted in pairs 2 weeks apart) to last through first harvest?
    3. would aero, indoor soil, or any other growing method be better for what i'm trying to do?
    4. does anyone know exactly how going to dispensaries with product works, particularly in CO?
    5. any key components/gadgets/must-haves that make life easier/bigger yield/anything else?
    6. would it be realistic to expect a july 1 harvest from a crop starting march 1?
    7. how detrimental is the use of tap water v. distilled water?
    and any other general tips, advice, thoughts, or comments anyone has. i'm just trying to plan this all out, so i thought i'd try you guys. thanks!

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