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Need Help: Indoor Autoflower Closet Grow..Hopefuly

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ImKushed, May 19, 2010.

  1. Oh Sounds good.

    By the way, I responded to your answers using the Quote button, but It didn't look right so I spaced them out so you can notice em. Next time I think I know what to when I want to respond multiple times in one Reply.

    Thanks bud
  2. You mean into your wall? What's on the other side of your closet?

    If it's another room, find a neighbor with a stud finder, mark your studs so you don't hit them and cut into the wall. It's just drywall, it's easily repaired should you have to move. And as long as your carbon filter is working, nobody will notice any smell until you open up the door haha.

  3. :rolleyes:

    Towards the smaller sloped side is outside, the side the camera is facing is actually my Mothers room's closet/room, and the right side I have no idea (drywall between rooms?), and on the top of the slope I don't know if it leads to the attic. I know above my room is an attic, but above the closet I doubt it.

    If you were me, what you you do with what I have now? (250w HPS light enclosed ballast and 117cfm LOUD fan), what would you do with $290 on a debit card and $50. Much needed on the list such as nursery pots, pH meter, BMO nutes ($22-24 for the 2 bottles you have,shipped), and some type of odor eliminator (ozone gen,carbon filter,ionizer?), extension cords/timers/small fan..not to mention seeds. What would you do if you were me as far as some ventilation/odor eliminator? Remember I may be moving in about 3 months. Hoping to accomplish 4 AFs in 2-2.5 months, then try 2 normal larger 12/12's at a time using LST i think?

    Thanks bud.
  4. Basically what I need to begin the journey is flexible duct and somewhere to put a 4inch hole for heat exhaust. (Hope it doesn't throw scent to the attic) What about getting fresh air in? The attic air sure isn't clean/fesh, more like dust/bugs.
  5. i've sorta been following this but haven't really read it all to be honest. but i think you can do this fairly cheaply if you are smart. i have some ideas that you might be able to use. 1st is the access to your space. get some velcro and make yourself a new door with can get it free just about anywhere if you ask. this does 2 things, keeps you from having to cut any new holes you'll have to fix, and will serve as a spot for your intake and exhaust. just cut the holes in the carboard. one on the bottom and 1 on the top. next you'll have to be a little DIY with your carbon filter but i can be done, just make an inline filter out of some pvc and pantyhose, or something where the fan is pushing through the carbon. i don't really know how you could make one but i'm sure it can be done as i'm going to have to figure one out soon myself. this solves your filter/heat issues....not very stealth at all but if it's not a concern then it'll work.

    in your spot you are perfect for some auto's and if you get them from attitude, you get a freebie too. for $80 i got 10 LR#2 seeds and 2 free non auto's. 1 i have going now. the other got crushed some how. the freebies you can use as a scrog if you have time and don't move. the auto's will take close to 9 weeks to be really done so keep that in mind. they say 8 but i don't really see it happening in 8 to get to where i like it but that's just me.

    don't worry about using name brand ferts just can get by with cheaper things at the moment. i have some 5-15-5 stuff i bought at walmart for $5 that's doing fine. i don't see any difference in growth between the walmart stuff and my fox farms nutes.

    save the nute money for a good ph meter and a calibration solution. timers can be had at walmart for less than $10. same with extension cords. if you really want to get cheap you could cut up a 2 liter bottle and use it for a pot until you can get something better, just duct tape it to keep light from the roots.

    i hope you can get some use out of these. i've been in your shoes, still am sorta. broke as fuck and piecing it together with spare change it seems. don't get discouraged, just do it and you'll be happy ya did.

    spend the money on seeds 1st, and then a ph meter and solution. don't worry about building a filter until you get things going. with auto's you'll have about a month to work something up, if at all. mine weren't bad at all. hope this helps. i'll keep checking in on ya, but i think you'll be fine.
  6. As far as the cardboard, great idea, but stealth is somewhat key in this op so I cant do that.

    I want to give Autos a try a couple times before going to normal big potent 12/12s.

    I was thinking if I need a pH meter or not considering good ones are like $50-100, and think I do.

    Nutes I plan to go with- BMO- Blue Mountain Organics, fairly cheap and can find the link if you go back in the thread listed by Akhans.

    How are the LR #2's? Ten of em, nice. Hows the yield/scent comin? How far are you into your grow or are you done?

    Thanks bud!!!

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    sucks about the cardboard thing...i was hoping you could do it. are you on the 2nd floor?
    i don't know how stealth you'll be able to be with that looks loud.

    i had 10 but only 4 made it and 1 was a male. the other 6 weren't as strong i guess. they all cracked the shell but never made it out of it. the scent was sweet and fruity with just a hint of skunk but i never needed a filter. they are fairly potent strains, not the strongest but it's definitely nug material. the stone is dependent on the grower anyway really, but 1 i cut was a heady high, another put my ass down, and the other did both.

    i got a hanna ph checker for $45 from htg supply and the calibration solutions were $4 i think. having the piece of mind knowing you're not giving the girls a drink of pure acid in the form of food is priceless i think.
  8. Did you buy this one? How is it?

    High Tech Garden Supply

    Never used one of these before. I dont know how to work them but is there only one needed solution? Just place in solution before each use, or like once a month?

  9. thats it. i got the 7.01 and 4.01 calibration solutions. this way i can calibrate it on both ends of the spectrum i'm aiming for. i'd get both but i suppose 1 would work. i calibrate it every time i use it just so i know it's right.
  10. If the plants drain off water is too low what do you do? If too high what do you do?

    Do you have PH UP and PH DOWN, or do you use household stuff to raise and lower?

    Also don't know about stuff like this, not good with soil/nutes/pH.

    Thanks bro
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    i'm not that good with em either so i don't use any ph up or down or check the run off. i know i probably should but if i check the ph of my nute solution before i feed em and it's between 6.3-6.9 i'm ok. i heavily feed once a week and then just water twice before feeding again. this will avoid any salt build up's that should get drained by the time i feed em again. i might have a deficiency here or there, but it's far better than watching a plant die slowly from a serious deficiency or toxicity.

    i use epsom salt for magnesium every other feeding as well. you can use vinegar to lower you ph and baking soda to raise it. i don't use either because i don't have to, but i'd research both more to find out how much to use and how often or if at all.

    i forgot....this was my journal b4 the name change.
  12. Any harvest dry bud pics? Howd she taste? Great journal
  13. she tasted great. all of em did. the best plant turned out to be the one with the mag was a little harsh because i got lazy on the manicure but i liked em and everyone that's hit em enjoyed the taste. no dry pics....too busy smokin it lol.
  14. I hear you.

    What are you plannin on next?

    Whats your water source when you water? tap water or do you buy water or manually balance pH from tap water or what?
  15. i have a dinafem blue widow that's topped/fimmed, and LST'd like a bondage whore in flower, along with an unknown clone i got a from a friend. i also have a flower power from barney's farm, and a buddha seeds white dwarf in my veg cab along with a few BW clones. up next is a vanilla kush, pineapple chunk, a NL x skunk, and a cole train. once i have em all started they are all getting cloned so i can keep all 5 going at once.
  16. I hear you.

    Still thinking and researching.

    Cant believe it, but Im back to the Soil vs Hydro topic.
  17. Put an order in at Attitude. Going to go with some kind of big cardboard box type area in the closet. Exhaust wherever, and intake something that goes from 4" radius to a like vacuum shape thin bottom that can sit on the bottom of the door or rest on the top to suck air in with the door being closed. Shooting for stealthiness... we'll see how it goes.
  18. One of each:

    Barney's Farm Red Dragon Feminized
    Barney's Farm LSD Feminized
    Reserva Privada Headband Feminized
    Barneys Farm Blue Cheese Feminized
    Nirvana Seeds AK 48 Feminized
    World of Seeds Afghan Kush Ryder Auto Feminized
    Kannabia Seeds Auto Mataro Blue Feminized
    Kannabia Seeds Automatica La Blanca Feminized
    Short Stuff Seeds Onyx Auto Feminized
    Short Stuff Seeds Blue Himalaya Auto Feminized
    Short Stuff Seeds Super-Cali Haze Auto Feminized

    and a few more freebies should be on the way.

    Did I pick some good ones or what?
  19. well hps will get you results quicker or led or even hid... but cfls are gonna run cooler... youll need a GRIP of them though... 65w cfl ballasts for garage/shop lights are like $35-$45 at depot or lowes... get like 3 or for of those and just get the 6500k bulbs from the kit comes with 2700k or 4100k. 4100k is okay but is a semi-pointless spectrum... least amount of plant absorption. keep those 2700k if you get them. keep em for flower. anyways, if you go hps or the others above, you should cut your door and put an carbon sheets (folded up two or three times), then put a fan to vent heat. so on the inside it should be door - carbon - fan exhausting air/heat. outside of door should have a vent to block light... i realized that an exhaust fan keeps my cab at 87-89 with closet doors shut, blanket over cab, and lights on for hours...

    in my stoney ramble i hope i gave you SOME ideas... late.

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