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Need Help: Indoor Autoflower Closet Grow..Hopefuly

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ImKushed, May 19, 2010.

  1. That could definitely be used for seedlings, and supplemented with more floro's and CFL's, you would have a nice veg system.

    Does it say F39T5 or F21T5 on the lamps themselves?
  2. It says F30T8 on it. Whats that tell us?

    Good for party cup seedlings til when? Then put em under the 250HPS in the 3 gallon pots?

    Im thinking of going Fox farm soil and nutrients, but theyre so expensive. Know anything easy to start out with with the same easy instructions and stuff?

  3. Ok, the light is 30 watts, and it's T-8. They're a little older than t5's but it should still work fine. I don't think they're High Output lights though.

    I think you're going to need more light, 100 watts being the recommended minimum. With the one light I think you're going to see a lot of stretching.

    Transplant out of your cups when you know you have an established root system. Once you get a few sets of true leaves, your roots will be established enough to take the transplant in stride.

    The HPS is generally considered a flowering light, but since you need the light, I would say use it for veg. Don't flip to 12/12 until your plant is one third to one half the size of your room (if you don't have much headspace).

    Honestly, any soil will do you alright if it has perlite (for drainage) and you add the nutes when the plants are hungry. Just don't get any soil with time release nutes, or anything about "feeding your plant for x months" crap. It can screw your grow in a heartbeat.

    For nutes, you could try this: Blue Mountain Organics items - Get great deals on Super Plant Tonic, Foliar Products items on eBay Stores! . It's about half the price of FF products.

    As for instructions on nutes: Don't use any for 3 weeks or until you start LST. Then use 1/4 the recommended dose and ramp it up as you go. Every plant is different and you have to learn it's perfect dose. Think of a dog and how if you scratch in a particular spot, his leg goes crazy. Or something like that haha :p Then, stop giving all nutes (in general) 2 weeks before the harvest and after you dry it and cure it properly, get high on your homegrown.

    Sorry for the book lol
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    Alright, found a 250w HPS Sun System enclosed ballast with 4" ventilation 115 cfm fan for the hot bulb/ballast for only about $125. Good deal or what? :) May purchase in the next few days. Anything to look at while checking it out. definitely need to see both items plugged in and turned on, but any thing to look for?

    Also want to order this carbon filter/fan combo, Any Reviews? : 4" INLINE FAN CARBON FILTER COMBO ODOR (UL) APPOVOVED! - eBay (item 170481794670 end time Jun-03-10 08:49:47 PDT) Wanted this model because of the 190 cfm for pulling odor out of my room. Any one know what to do when this thing loses its odor eliminating capabilities? They say sometimes in a couple months or up to almost a year when their carbon filters go out, but what do you think about this model? Its not the cheapest and def not the most expensive, but I'm not a great DIY guy and would probably fail at making one. And the closest Home Depot type store is about 30 minutes away which isnt bad but I would need to make multiple trips.

    What causes peoples ending product to taste like shit and acid carrots or whatever they say? Ive read a few and I still don't know what causes that. I need taste to be perfect, how can I do this without having to think of shit tasting bud while I grow?

    And as far as the fish tank light, I am probably going to sell it along with my tank soon, so what is best for the veg state on a small income (3-5 plants at once)? Remember first I'm going to try Auto-flower strains and then normal 12/12 Photo-period strains, and will be ordering during Attitudes Promo 4-7th.

    Freebies- One seed of each listed, All feminized, and all Photo-period 12/12 I believe?

    Auto-flowering- All feminized, quick bud to grow n smoke while growing the next batch of Photo-periods 12/12 is how I planned it..

    As far as those nutes, I'm loving the prices. Is that what you use Akhans? Which ones do you suggest I look into, or all of them? Hes got a 100% feedback so I'm hoping if my plants die or get sick its my fault, and not the cheap nutes. But if you use them I sure in hell should give them a try just hope the "You get what you paid for" doesn't pop up later.


    \t\t\tSour Cream
    \t\t\tSour Kush

    Paradise Seed's-
    \t\t\tSensi Star
    \t\t\tSerious Seed's-


    LowRyder Diesel Ryder x2

    Buddah Seeds Red Dwarf x1

    Dinafem Road Runner x1

    Tell me what you think about everything. By the way, may be moving out so want everything ready for a new closet/grow area. A LOT OF SEEDS IN A ROOKIES HANDS, How will it end? :smoking:
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    Sounds like a good deal to me. Does the light come with an enclosed reflector or cool tube? Without one your fan won't do much. With one you can put your light much closer to the plants resulting in more bud.

    That looks like a good deal and should definitely work for your grow room. The only bad thing about buying manufactured carbon filters is most times, once they're used up, you have to replace it. If you search you can find some good DIY carbon filters that cost less and you can just replace the carbon. But if you think you can't make one, then I would say that system looks like a good bet.

    Two things cause finished bud to taste bad: the first is not flushing your nutes out of your plant leaving a chemical taste in your plants. This is avoided by not giving your plant nutes for the last 2 weeks before you chop.

    The second is how/how long you cure. Most growers know you need to dry your bud properly, but fewer know about curing. Curing is pretty straight forward, you put your dried bud in a mason jar or other airtight container and let the bud "mature" by opening the can ever few days for a month. The result is that your THC breaks down into other cannabinoids like CBN and CBD that make your high last longer, as well as redistributing the water left in your bud so that it feels sticky again, and your turpines join together to form polyturpines which makes your bud taste/smell better. And best of all, it gets rid of the chlorophyll, or "green" taste. You can look in the drying and curing section for a good guide.

    I would suggest a MH conversion bulb for your HPS system.

    Sounds good. You could probably start your photoperiod plants about 2-3 weeks before you harvest your autoflowerer's..

    I do use their nutes and I'm sticking with them as long as their prices are so low. They are a small company and they microbrew their nutes (a more accurate term would be tea) so quality can change bottle to bottle, but in general, they know what they're doing and I see results to rival fox farm's trio (which I would suggest after BMO)

    My usual advice to newbies is to use a bagseed to start with so you don't waste money if you mess up your first time, but you will definitely be getting enough seeds that should one or two plants go bad, I think you would be alright.

    But as good as strains are bred to be, it comes down to the grower. Just try to learn as much as you can and sooner or later, growing will be your favorite hobby. Hell, I think I almost enjoy growing more than smoking!

    Okay... maybe not that much...
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    Oh ya, forgot to describe the 250w setup. Its got the reflector/built in ballast and the extra tempered glass option, hopefully has those 4" flange things to attach to duct/fan. Retail total for both is like $300, so I was thinking somethings broke thats why hes selling for less than everyone else, but he says they work 100% and has a Phillips bulb in right now, but didnt include a model.

    I was thinking exactly that, and thought to myself how can I add my own carbon to it when it fails to eliminate odor. Im planning on just rigging it so I can add my owen, but good point. I am going to search for a design that I can either purchase/maybe attempt at making one with changeable carbon in the filter.

    I want to keep the HPS set up a HPS set up, so I can be almost be exactly half way through a grow and start another under separate Veg/Flower lights. And to start another, I would need a good little Veg set up maybe keep them in milk gallon/liter of pop bottles under like 4-6 CFLs with the veg state color output, the white-ish blue or whatever. What do ya think?

    Do you use the BMO ferts/nutes every grow? Their contents look..tasty. Good feedback, so Im going to with them. Which ones do you use? There are significant differences in each type sold like 192, then 29, then 130, and 145.

    I would use a bagseed but haven't had a seed in my bud in monthsss. Unless I were to buy some shwag and I dont want to do all that. I think if I put effort into it, my first few grows will work out, and of course with this helpful forum full of generous stoners.

    Thank you Akhans
  7. These posts are getting longer and longer lol
  8. No for both the 115cfm fan and light set up combined with the tempered glass and bulb and those hanger things total of $275-325 depending on where you buy.

    And those numbers you didnt understand were the BMO items sold for each type of fert they have, they were all different as if half of them are good or something. Check em out.

    Lucky you with the parents, but I'm moving out hopefully soon and scent needs to be crazy strong in the closet/big TV cabinet Ive been thinking about BUT absolutely minimum to none in my actual room.

    Thanks bud!
  9. Well, the encolsed ballast is a pretty nice feature, so I guess you're getting your money's worth.

    As for BMO not selling many products, they're not very well known :p I have not personally tried super plant tonic or the foliar feed though, so I can't comment on their quality.

    As for your CFL's, I think amazon is overpricing you. This site is cheaper. You can also order higher wattage CFL's from there, but be careful and remember that the really high wattage bulbs don't always use the same base as regular lights.

    The general rule of thumb is 100 watts per plant, so I would say 3 bubls or so per plant.
  10. Gardenese 1cu. ft. Potting Soil - HDPS at The Home Depot

    Thats the only soil at Home Depot I could find without time release. What do you think? What fertilizer/nute free soil do you use?

    If this stuff is alright, would the BMO nutes be all the food the plants will need? Just mix up in the watering can following their eBay measurements? I plan to use Grow it Green for veg and Flower Power for flowering as well.

    Will using all those CFLs and the 250w HPS with carbon filter fan and the ventilation fan and another bigger fan for better air circulation & strong stems at the same time be a stupidly large electric bill? About 550-625w running 18-20 hrs/day. Its 12-13 cents per kWhr where I live and if I did the math correctly thats $1.10-1.16 a day! I think thats too much for sure.. I know the first grow the veg light set up I choose wont be on during flowering just to get the AFs out and 12/12s in for space reasons, but I planned on having them on every grow after the first on 18/6 veg 12/12 flower. God I'm blazed but that is far too much wattage to add extra on the bill. :(:smoking:

    Appreciate it Akhans for getting me up and running. You are the man.
  11. That will be great soil for your seedlings. This is the soil I start in: (
    However, the stuff you found might be even better since it looks like it has more perlite.)


    Then I transplant into my home made soil (compost, aged cow shit/chicken shit, local topsoil, a little dolomite lime, and perlite).

    But, BMO has enough macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients that you could use that soil the whole way through, yes. However, I wouldn't follow there exact guidelines, start at about 1/4 strength and work your way up.

    It's 30 extra dollars a month. Your setup takes about just as much power to run as some of the newer computers (that run on a 650 watt power supply). I can see where you're coming from, but the power company won't be able to tell what you're using the electricy for.
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    I hear you.

    How much $ have you put into your complete set up? Im adding all this up and its about $425 not even including any Veg set up! I thought I would be spending under $300, but you gotta pay to play I guess.. That 2 month wait while the AFs are growing will be a huge struggle, and the 12/12s even harder.

    That soil I found looks like it has a lot of wood and shit like that when I zoomed on the picture, isn't that not good for the plant or something or is it just not the greatest quality? Please tell me some pros and cons of using the HPS for both veg and flower. Ive read about people that have done it but never saw a finishing harvest or differences using MH/HPS bulbs.
    What are the pros and cons?

    Seems like I still have learning and a lot of worrying to do. As far as seeds what do you usually do/order from? Ever grown AFs? As far as those freebies, will I have room in my closet with that Sun System 2 with the 12/12s and LST for 2or3 plants at a time? The AFs I plan on growing all 4 ASAP but after they're done or close to finishing, maybe start the 12/12's..I don't know..Gotta think.

    Thanks bud!!!
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    I got the light! Couldn't believe I did because I kept second guessing myself earlier about whether or not I'm moving out/closet space. Being unemployed, I have not one dime of income, so this is all make it or break it with my last $375 till/if I find a job.

    Light is in pretty great condition, the fan is horribly dusty and needs to be opened and cleaned, but quite powerful. He even gave me the tempered glass insert, weak small chains, and a few feet of flex duct. The bulb makes a little noise when moved around like a paper clip is moving around, but I don't see anything loose or broke inside and it still works. When I start the light, it starts off almost MH looking then gets REAL bright and orange looking, didn't seem too hot but then again I had it on for only 10 minutes max. Also, smelt a burning kind of smell, or just like hot electrical wires smell. I'm not sure, but it worries me. The bulb is a PHILIPS C250S50 ALTO worth $20-35, has 27000-29000 lumen, is it weak? Fan is a Fantech FX4 4" centrifugal inline fan to take the heat of the light/ballast to a hole to the attic maybe. Ended up paying $110 dollars, pretty good huh?

    Worst part of the light set up would be the weight which I had no idea would be so much, now I don't even feel comfortable hanging it in my closet because of the slope holding a 40 pound light fixture. By the way, here are some new pictures of the closet and what I got today attached.

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  14. Akhans, any input?

    And what does bump mean?

    Thanks bud.

    Tried to order seeds, but cant with the temporary Visa Debit card. :(
  15. Akhans, saw the same soil you use at Kmart, should I go with that?
  16. I've personally never used a HPS the whole grow. but I know it's been done. I would say the biggest difference is noticeable during veg. I believe plants stretch more under HPS light, and stretching means your nodes are further apart which means popcorn bud.

    If you want the more scientific answer: What is the difference between chlorophyll a and Chlorophyll b? - Yahoo! Answers

    Again, I don't order my seeds. If I were going to order seeds though, I would go to walmart or somewhere like it that sells those visa giftcards, load as much cash as I need on it, and use it at attitude seeds.

    I have never grown AF's.

    Your roof makes it hard to determine how many plants you could grow with. I would say 2 would be doable, maybe 3. LST and ScrOG are great options for you.

    AF's take what, 9-10 weeks? I like to veg for about 3-4 weeks, so at week 6-7, yes you could probably start your photoperiod plants.

    27000 lumens is pretty good for a 250 watt system. Sounds like a good deal with the enclosed reflector and everything else for 110. That hot electrical wires smell scares me though. Hopefully it's not the ballast that's causing that because bulbs are relatively cheap.

    Go for it. Just make sure you pick up some perlite to add to it as well if you can, it compresses a lot if you don't. (and don't get MG perlite because it's not real perlite, it has time release nutes in it. Real perlite/vermaculite is inert)

    Man, i'm surprised no one else is answering any of your questions o_O
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    Me too, Whats bump mean? When people need help or what?

    I don't know, but I appreciate it very much for the help.
  18. My bad, I thought I was replying correctly, but I guess Im too high :)
  19. Bump means you're bumping the thread to the top of the list.

    Threads are organized by the last posted in, so if you're thread isn't appearing on the first page or you want to get more views, you 'bump' it by posting.

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