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Need help in the dorm

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by puffpuffplease, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. Freshman here, just started last week. I got a decent sized dorm with window next to my desk at end of room and and smoke detector at the other. Is it ok to smoke in this room?. I have been smoking behind some dark building 2 blocks away in the mean time. Really sketchy. My roommate talks about weed a bit and smoked with me the first time but has declined 2 times since. Once cause he was hungover (which is a reason to smoke; thats why I smoked) and once cause he was already drunk (pussy). Anyways, I don't know his deal. Just any advice would be nice and help with ways to smoke inside. Thanks. :cool:
  2. like the 20th time i've replied to these

    1. plastic bag over smoke detector, wrap with a rubber band
    2. wet towel preferably, or dry under door space
    3. fan on, facing out of your room
    4. febreeze air effects after
    5. get high
  3. i appreciate it but are you positvie plastic bags work and can I tape it?
  4. just put a towel under the door, and make a sploof.

    if you don't know what a sploof is, use the search function.
  5. sure, whatever really works

    also depends on your RA
    wether or not they frequent your room.
    ripped bongs all the time in my room last year

    hold in your hit
    exhale out the window
    you're good to go
  6. best thing for a smoke decector is a big plasic bowl taped over it :) works like a car and easy to pulll off and put on o yea and just stay on teh dudes good side till you know what hes all about i mean you dont want him turing on you so dont flaunt yoru shit act like you have nothing int he room till you know its kewl
  7. what floor are you on in the dorm hall?
    if its the first then i wouldnt fuck with it.
    but if you are up there, 3/4th floor, just open the window a bit, use a bowl and make a sploof.

    for the smoke detector, see if it isnt possible to take the batteries out.
    if you cant, then i would go with everyone else and say tape a bag around it.

    but so you know, colleges dont take the smoking pot in your room lightly.
    they can and possible will kick you out of the dorm life or from the college all together.

    just be careful man, what i do is find nice spots during the day, and go back at night, check it out. hang out for like 20 minutes and if you dont see anyone, go back and thats your spot.
  8. true that man

    one time me and my buddies found this one log in the woods by our dorm
    we were all like hell yeah

    we went out later that night
    and another group of kids were smoking a blunt on the same log

    huge blunt session :)
  9. thats badass
  10. you'll be fine man

    just use common sense
  11. one time me and my friends smoked in the woods on this trail and night and thought it was the most legit spot ever.

    the next night we went back, and were in the middle of the blunt and some kid rides by on his bike.
    needless to say, i never went back.
    but i laughed so hard when i saw the kid on the bike.

    EDIT: the moral of this story is; be careful.
  12. Make one of those sploofs with the activated carbon in it, theres a thread for it somewhere around here, use the search button
  13. ALERT TO ALL: 'Dude Where's My Car' on FX right now.

  14. something is wrong with the pictures.:(
    i wanted to make one, but alas i cannot see.
  15. find a spot to do it other then the dorm room man. all of these ideas are good but are potentially risky. run around town one day untill you find a good spot and then smoke there.

    my advise, don't do it in your dorm. getting kicked out of college isn't worth getting a little high.
  16. All I do at school is smoke in the woods. I've seen so many people walking their dogs, riding bikes, playing paintball one time lmao. Also, mad people from my school toke up in the woods because it's pretty rural where I go and we've been in some HUGE sessions by total chance.
  17. if ur gunna do it in the dorm
    i would just make a snood doodler and blow it out the window
    dont wet the towel under ur door kuse the water leaks under n makes all the ground wet n sumone could be like o no a flood or sum kid gettin high we gotta bust in here u kno ha

  18. DUDE BUDDY I LIVED IN DORMS LAST YEAR AND DID THIS without any fans, just a goood hit out the window , your all set buddy!
  19. Just go outside... I think inside is too risky

    Then again, we do have this little disc golf course right on our campus :D


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