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Need help in Pittsburgh

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by tylerdurden996, May 15, 2011.

  1. Hi all! I am very new to this forum... a few minutes to be exact but this is one of my last hopes. I just moved to pittsburgh and I have zero connections. I work in a stuffy office, and have zero social skills. So you can imagine it has been a nightmare. I ran out 3 days ago and being a daily smoker I am climbing up the walls of my apartment with anxiety. Does anyone have any insight on where I can find some in the area? I even went so far as to take out a craigslist ad. Not one response. I don't even care if its brick weed at this point. well here goes nothing, hope this hits someone that feels my pain!
  2. i don't get it
  3. Yes I think I can help you out. Move to California, obtain your medical license then call me 562-726-7903 and I will personally see to it you get some BOMB:hello::smoke::smoke:
  4. yeah couldn't have seen a reply like that coming. how about I help you out, lose the tired lines used by every forum troll since '96 and maybe then people will laugh at more than your intellect.
  5. LOL expect to get banned XD
  6. hit up wiz khalifa, i'm sure he'll know where you can buy pot
  7. It's against the rules to ask for hookups here.
    Sorry bro, but you just gotta look around a bit.
    My friend's rule of thumb: Ask your local black guy.
  8. ask around dude. if u asked enough people im sure u could find a connect within a day
  9. any black male in his 20s waiting at a bus stop downtown. forreal man thats probably your best bet. people aren't too violent around the city, their just lookin for a dollar

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