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need help in flowering stage and all my leaves have red stems

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ironman21, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. A whats up everyone seeing if i can get some advice im about 11 days into flowering and all my leaves stems are a dark red purple not the stems on the plant like the branches only the stems with fan leaves are affected. My grow is with northern lights in fox farm soil it on 12/12 lighting and watered everyday on the 6th hr off light. Using t reverse osmosis water ph6.5-7 n canna vega flores it gets watered with this everyday. I rotate plants quarter turn clockwise every 3 hr so plants get complete turn everyday. If u can help im just trying to get these girls healthy for maximum growth u
  2. I don't see what you're asking. If you're asking if it's normal for the stems on the fan leaves to be reddish/purple, then yes that is normal.
  3. I believe thats sometimes interpreted as a mild indicator or some deficiency and other times as genetic/healthy... wouldnt worry about that
    you dont need to rotate your plants that much, its actually good if they get their leaves all pointing towards the lights. and why do you water at "night"? I believe Ive read you shouldnt do that and that morning would be ideal. you definitly should try to keep the dark hours as dark as possible in flowering, I dotn see how watering in the middle of the night is gonna help with that.
  4. Yeah im asking if thats normal for the stems to turn red.
  5. You shouldn't be watering every day, way to much, do a watering every 3 days
  6. It is a nitrogen def. It is normal when in flower because you dont need anymore nitrogen
  7. Only water with nutrients everyfew days or just water. N out that makss sense cause she has been healthy as a wizard intill she started flowering ill see if i can post a pic to show u guys thx everyone so far
  8. here take a look at theese and let me know what you think

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  9. I think you got signs of both nitrogen deficiency (yellowing lower leaves) and nitrogen overdose (leaves canoeing), meaning the plant got too much nitrogen and problems with taking it in (nutrient lockout), the most common reason for stuff like this would be pH problems.
  10. The red stem is a result of sulphur deficiency i'm pretty sure. I could be wrong, but I think that's what I read in my grow bible. It's not a big deal though, flowering plants generally start to lose fan leaves n shit as they get further into budding because they direct nutrient uptake to the buds/flowers. Not worth worrying about it IMO

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