Need help in flower and plants growing in yellow.

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  1. Hey guys my medical 49 continues to keep getting more yellow. The branches that are flowering are now starting aswell. I cut back water, but when i do it droops pretty bad after a couple days. Plants in a very large pot and is in happy frog soil only and non ph’d water since the start...any help is appreciated. I dont want to lose it! The photo doesn’t look bad..but literally is turning all yellow.

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  2. You haven't given it any nutrients since it's been growing?? It's looks deficient in ........probably a few different things....
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  3. CalMag+. Ph your water. it's not hard to do. Add some bloom nutrients
  4. That is at least a nitrogen deficiency, likely more. Unfortunately you are passed nitrogen time. Agree with above...PH and bloom nutes immediately.
  5. It would be helpful to continue your previous threads about this plant instead of making new threads about the same problem. Why didn't you feed this plant?
  6. So blooming nutrients and ph’d water is what i need. I will get some and update.
  7. and CalMag.
  8. Would it be ok to use tiger bloom and ph’d water? Thats what i was able to get. Plan to water with 2gallons and 2 teaspoons of tiger.
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  9. Wh
    Not really familiar with Tiger Bloom. I use Advanced Nutrients. What is your water source? Do you have a Ph pen? 5.5-6.5 is ideal for root uptake of nutrients. Be careful. don't over do it. You will need Ph Up or Down depending on where your ph is.
  10. Ok got Cal mag and started PHing water hit the plant with just under 2 gallons of ph’d water and 2 tsp of cal mag. Plants getting worse everyday really sucks. :frown:

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  11. At each watering, add a table spoon of Epsom salt per gallon of water. If it's a calcium deficiency, that should aid in green-up. Green-up will start at the top and move down, but I'd expect most of those yellow leaves will still need to be removed. Some of that dark leaf discoloration could be a symptom of phosphate deficiency as well. So, yeah, a bloom formula, containing some nitrogen, is probably in order. Add 'em together at the same time. Next time, when selecting a growing medium, mix in a cup of fine dolomite lime. That'll keep the PH stable plus add a needed source of slow release calcium and magnesium. Dolomite lime really does help avoid a lot of those problems from ever occurring.
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  12. How often should i be watering im using a 2gal watering can
  13. I grew for two years in ff soil and never ph’d my water... so u can definitely get away with that In Soil if ur not a heavy feeder. Also that pot is not a “very large” pot(at least it don’t look like it from pic) I’d get some big bloom and tiger bloom. Watering less more often is better then watering a lot less often
  14. Not sure if its caused by nites or not but flowering leaves now are starting to get even darker, plants starting to look very unhealthy now. Not sure what to do how often i should be watering how much should i keep mixing in the cal mag? Should i still add tiger bloom every other watering? Im not sure if i can save this thing.

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  15. Water it. Get the hose on it and soak it. Pull all the dead and yellow leafs off. It's in deep flower with 6 weeks to go. It is normal for many strains to start eating their oldest fan leafs to build buds with.
    Most of mine will finish looking like that or worse. A few will stay bright green and not drop a single fan. More strain dependent then a feed issue.
    My 2 cents. I practice more LITFA
    Leave it the fuck alone.

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  16. Should the plant be in sun or shade right now?
  17. That made me lol, lol. If it’s an outside plant. In sun when it’s sunny
  18. Depends how hot it is where your at. If its hot 90s for a few days it wouldn't hurt to put it in the shade. Other than that keep her in the sun AMAP. At least that's what I'd do if I grew in containers.
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  19. Black containers are bad for outdoors as they get really hot which is not good for the roots..I would assume your plant is root bound and has possible root rot due to increased watering to combat the heat...not 100% on this but I would definitely guess that whatever is affecting the nutrient uptake of the roots is most likely not reversible so I would just ride it out imo and better luck next time I hope

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  20. Ok so should i just water it with some ph’d water once a day for now

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