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  1. This is my first grow so any help in regards too this dilemma im facing would be much appreciated. Now i don't know what strain this is since this is bag seed but what i want too know if what's happening to my baby 20160319_123405.jpg 20160319_123259.jpg is underwatering or i hope not a nitrogen toxicity any help would be appreciated
  2. Your soil is way too dense and holding too much water. These things like defined wet/dry cycles throughout their lives and you'll need to pull that plant back out of the pot and add about 40% perlite to the soil you're using. They do not like their roots sitting in moisture all the time and this will eventually cause root rot if you don't get it corrected. Also, pH is super important to keeping your plant healthy when growing inside. The range for water and feeds for a soil grow is 6.3 to 6.7 and absolutely every drop of liquid you put into that plant needs to be adjusted to this range. Without it and extended watering out of range will lock up the roots of your plant and it can't take in nutrition and will get sick. Get something dependable if you buy a pH tester because the cheap ones off Amazon and Ebay are worthless and do not work. Mine didn't and I've seen many posts other than mine saying the same things. To get a good tester stick it's going to cost you from $60-80% with the Cadillac being BlueLab. I bought a new BlueLab last week and it ran me about $80. Well worth it in my opinion considering how important it is. But everybody doesn't have the money for one of those and you can make it work with the "drops" kits, it's just a little more difficult. Get the pH right on your water/feeds, get some perlite in that soil so the roots can dry out and move around and only water the plant once it has dried out to at least 80%....when it feels as light as it did when you loaded it with fresh soil. THEN and only THEN is it time to water again. People have the hardest time letting these things dry out between waterings. LOL Nutes should be started only when the plant has had the opportunity to use up those that come naturally in the soil. When and if you are doing nutes, give a lesser dose than that recommended by the manufacturer. They recommend way too high concentrations IMO, and I don't like loading my plants up with chemicals. I've found over the years that it doesn't take nearly as much as they would like you to use. Of course they want you to use more so you'll have to come back and buy more of the ridiculously expensive stuff. LOL. I switched to a powder nute brand about 3 years ago and stopped dealing with the 10-bottle chemical mixes. It's a whole lot easier to work with and the plants thrive on it...."Jack's" by J.R. Peters. We flower from 25-30 off each time and I can get enough of this stuff to last me well over a year for less than $20...and you can't beat that as far as buying nutrients. You might want to check it out at some point. Good luck. There are tons of posts in the new grower threads here on the forum that are geared toward new growers and contain all the basic info one really needs to know before starting their own grow. Information is most definitely your friend when starting this and everything you need to know is logged right here on the forum. Take the time to learn "how to grow" as much as the time and effort you put in to preparing the grow setup. Most don't and pay for it in the end. TWW
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  3. Thank you and i will definitely be looking into getting that ph tester
    And the perlite. But what i find weird is that when i came back home from work i was gone for five days so i trusted my bro to water it when i came back the soil was dry did a weight test for how much water was in the pot very light so i watered it and it was fine when i got back home too. But that water was straight from tap no distillation which he told me after i watered it. Which led to this predicament, So im wondering if it's the water i used since i use distilled water but other then that i will be getting the things you mentioned asap.

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