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Need Help...In a very tough situation. PLEASE READ I NEED YOUR HELP!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Illadelphian420, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Ok I'm going to try everything as simple as possible because it gets kind of confusing.

    Anway, I go to school and have a friend who I am pretty good friends with.

    So as the year goes on we get really tight, hang out late night...smoke and play video games. We go on and grow a little closer to the point where we start talking about weed, and "jobs" and hsit like that. He tells me about how he can front me some nice bud, some nice ass buds.

    So we do it a few times things are fine. and then this is when shit gets a bit weird. Another kid who I know and who my friend knows from back home was also doin work with my him They knew each-other from back home so he was giving him a bit more.

    Anyway, this other kid gets caught...cops had a undercover go to his house in multiple parties and had purchased bags from him. So hes fucked and word gets out that my frined, who was basically the middle man, knows the kid who drives the bud in.

    So after this all happened, about October...maybe November, my boy stops calling me to chill, never calls, never texts...nothing. After i heard how that kid got caught I knew something was going on. But nothing ever happned so I kinda just went with the flow. He came back around about amonth later, started to chill and it was basically the same as it used to be. I went over to his place and he said he stopped sellin bud, cleared his whole house with all his pipes and everyhting. So im like whatever i'm not gonna talk about it, nothing has happened to me it's none of my business.

    Ok so now we fast forward to about a week ago. Another one of my friends called me this weekend and said that my boy had snitched out the kid that was driving in the bud from NY. I guess what happened was, that other kid that I had talked about got interrogated and he slipped them my boys name and told him that he knew that guy that was driving up the bud.

    My friend who called me over this weekend told me that my boy wore a fucking wire in his hat and fucking snitched out the kid that was driving in the bud. My one friend who called me said it was 100% true because they saw my boys roomates at the bar and said that his roomate like refused to talk about and was like all nervous about the whole topic of conversation.

    Anyway, the kid driving it is was arrested last week and i just heard about it. The kid who snitched, who was my boy, usually buys bags from me...nothing big.

    What the fuck should I do. The kid who he snitched on was a pretty big guy. Like driving a lot of weight into town. Do you think he gave my name up even if I was doing little shit. I had nothing to do with any of those kids getting caught, there is no real possible way that my name should have been thrown in there right? If this kid calls for bud what should I do?????
  2. your fine. dont hook him up any anymore. only one bag down no worries
  3. You really think they give a shit about you? No offense but they want to move up the ladder, not back down.

    The only reason you're buddy even got busted is because they wanted the driver.

    And I can kinda see why you're boy snitched. They probably threatened him with maximum sentences so he would snitch.

    Not saying it's right, just saying thats probably why he did it. Most people don't snitch from normal possesion charges.

    And I won't blame the driver WHEN he snitches. It's defininatly going to be a felony for him.... shit I can't even go to Ohio for ciggarettes without that being a felony. :D

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