Need help! Im high &&

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by banks69, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. its 12:38 mid-night in california

    and im blown off sum bomb ass kush! and my cable is acting wack as fuck! so no tv to watch funny shit!:confused:

    what else is fun when BLOWN AWAY!:smoking:
  2. wank it then go to and watch family guy/american dad episodes
  3. youtube is great when high. Just type weed into the search or whatever and you are good to go. Sounds like you smoked alone tonight. When I smoke alone its this website and youtube :).
  4. LMFAO INDICA KID i was just doing that.... (not the wacking off part tho lol)

    and greenbliss ill see what i can do...

    anybody else?????
  5. Dude, I have the exact same storyyyyy

    It loads the videos without you having to do anything, and their funny as fuck (when ur high though)
    The site suck though If your not high/stoned.
  7. Another ''im realy high'' post

    Grow up and get used to it.
  8. Another 16 year old trying to sound cool.... grow up, he was asking for something fun to do while high
  9. Yea dude, im not baked and that shit is awesome
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    shit is pretty dope to play around with man haha...nice post. :smoking:

    edit: the strobe one is crazy if you stare at it and look away.
  12. hahaha good site but got my cable fixed lmao! thanx yall
  13. can be fun at just have to be really really high.

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