Need help identifying what this is!

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  1. Okay, so this is my first grow ever and i know it isnt the pretties plant. Its from a seed that came with some dank weed but idk the strain... It would realy help if someone could identify those spots on leaves and tell me how far into flower she is. (How many weeks approximately till harvest?)
    Thanks, peace 20190827_151021.jpg 20190827_150908.jpg 20190827_151352.jpg 20190827_151358.jpg

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  2. Outside plants finish mid Oct to Halloween. Pull if a frost-freeze night is expected as they won't survive a killing frost.
    The puncture holes are likely a mite of some sort. Look on the back side but odds are whatever did it moved on or got eaten.
    What you should spray for is caterpillars. AKA Bud Worms.
    BT is a caterpillar specific bacterium rated for organic use.
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  3. Thank you so much

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  4. I started seeing the same thing going in with my outdoor plants, over a week of looking until I started seeing aphids, they were all over the place a few days later and now it's been 3 weeks and I may find one or two a day, been spraying with organic rosemary mix and it seemed to just about stop them.
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  5. Thanks, thats helpfull

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  6. Looks like caterpillars to me at first glance. If it is, Monterey BT works great on those bastards.
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  7. Looks like the holes are from inch worms or caterpillars, looks for tiny worms anywhere near or around the buds. Look for tiny white clearish eggs, and also look for tiny dots of black that could be worm poop.
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  8. Get a magnifying glass and look under the leaf. That's for the critters like to hang out

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