Need help identifying toxicity/deficiency

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  1. Flipped to flower 4 weeks ago and started to notice yellowing of leaf tips about a week ago, it has since progressed into brown leaf serrations on alot of the plant. Also some of the hairs seem to be turning brown
    I am using sohum living soil 5 gallons and water with straight ro water ph'd to 6.0 every 2 days.. using a HLG 300 led hung 24 inches above canopy, temperatures from 72-77 humidity 43-51

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  2. If it first started at the tips then progressed along the edges, then it's likely nute burn.
  3. It did, from what Google says I'm thinking potassium toxicity. I'm not sure what to do to remedy other than a flush maybe?
  4. If it was nitrogen toxicity, then you would see shiny, dark green leaves with chicken claws (clawing), weak stems and overall slow growth. I don't see that in your case. This is just over-fertilization. Have you adding any extra nute apart from what's already in the soil? A flush may be your best bet at this point.
  5. Your pistils dying at this stage sounds ominous. I don't know what nutrient problem could cause that. Could you provide better pictures?
  6. I'm pretty sure I burned them with a bloom booster my friend suggested I spray on at 3 weeks into flower, I neglected to write it down and just remembered i did it in the first place
  7. It's called snowstorm ultra it is 0-0-3 mix I put 1/2 tsp to a gallon of water and lightly misted. I've read before that you should never spray in flower but my friend who puts out some really good stuff suggested it to me said that he does so I figured I'd try it

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