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Need help identifying these strains

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by plugged, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. The one on the right has crystals all over it and is really dense. It has a pine like taste.

    The one on the left is the one I really want to know about.. smaller buds, but it has a fruity smell and taste that doesn't go away, and I love it. It also hits harder then the stuff on the right, makes me cough more and gets me higher, faster.

    I'd like to know so I can grow the stuff on the left as it is now my new favorite. The other one I just want to know because I like to know the strains I'm smoking :)

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  2. i don't thing any one, no matter how much they know about weed. can get a positive ID from just a pic an a few words.
  3. ... yeah
  4. Even if you grew those buds yourself,
    unless you buy from the top named seed dealers,
    you cant even be sure you aren't growing what the call a knockoff.

    Long story short. No can do.
  5. Doesn't need to be exact guys, if you think it looks like some strain you know even that'd help. I'm all for growing multiple strains to try and find what I'm after :) More fun that way.
  6. Smoke it and figure out if its a sativa or indica. No one can come close to guessing what strain it is...
  7. Fuck man! Did you see that piece of lumber in the middle of your bud? You will soon enough.

    Nice smoke! +rep

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