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Need help identifying something on my buds! PICS

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by El Brossidente, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Now, whatever the problem is, it's pretty much too late. I only have like 4 grams out of 21 left of this stuff, but while looking at the buds up close, I noticed something weird. The pics don't show it correctly, but you can see them: Little spheres on the ends of hairs. They look white in the photos, but are more yellow in person.

    Does anyone have any idea what these little balls on hairs are? Is this bad? Are they insect eggs or something freaky like that?

    As I said, we've smoked over a half of this stuff. It has been fairly harsh to smoke too, so I'm thinking maybe this has a chance of explaining it.


  2. Don't smoke that
  3. qft. That looks unhealthy.
  4. lol .
  5. Cheers for that, I'll just unsmoke it all.

    Now, can anyone actually help?

  6. Well, how much do you have left?

    Sorry if you already said, I'm really high.
  7. Hahaha, I just finished my quarter of this stuff this morning.. I was completely oblivious until I saw this post, and now it's all gone... SO I'm hoping I don't die.
  8. There's no help for that shit
  9. I've only got 2 buds, 3 - 4 grams.

    Unless I'm going to die or get sick, I'm gonna smoke it. Too expensive to be picky, and I've smoked it all thus far!

    I just want to know what it is, and if it will effect anything, and if it's definitely to blame for the harsh smoke.

    This weed weighed a lot, could that mean it was damp and this is a type of mould? We got this last wednesday, and it's been kept in an air tight jar.
  10. Help as in in identifying what it is
  11. Looks like slime mold. But I'm just saying it looks like it
  12. I can't identify it from the pictures, but I'll tell you this. If it's insect eggs, the worst that can happen is it'll taste bad and make you sick. If it's mold, the worst that can happen is you will develop cancer.
  13. #14 patsfn1818, Jan 25, 2009
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    Umm that is middies to shit kb with mold all over it thinking ur hook up is scamming ya kid... the harshness is due to the mold.
  14. See this is the problem with having one dealer, one price and one product. Sometimes it's awesome, sometimes it's this.

    Next time he tells me he's got stuff that weighs heavy I'll have to say no. I do have one other hookup, but it's an hour away.
  15. ya, thats mold fo sho. i wouldnt smoke it.
  16. Here's the same pics zoomed out:



    I'm working on a new hookup now, which is looking good. Only ever had 2 halves through this guy, but it's been amazing. I've been waiting a while to try and get this hookup actually, I guess now I've got the motivation.
  17. I know you said you've smoked the majority of it already, but don't smoke the rest. You might not die, but that is just unhealthy. Just go without smoking for a bit if money is really that tight.

    Health > Weed
  18. I just can't believe someone would willingly smoke that shit
  19. How the hell did u not notice it before u packed ur bowl or blunt?? The damage is done (if any, which most likely is) but deff dont smoke nemore. Id take th@ shit back to my dealer (ex dealer after sm shit like th@) and get my money back, lesson learned, look @ ur shit first, I hope ur straight tho, hope nothin bad happens

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