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  1. So two questions for you guys. First, I started growing outdoors in a new location and came across some bug damage I haven't seen before. A lot of plants have these little black dots on their lower leaves that you can rub off by hand. From the top of the leaves it looks like spidermite damage, with the characteristic spackling but when I turn them over I dont see any bugs, just all these little dots. I was wondering if they are eggs if some sort? I've attached pictures below.

    Also I've been having a serious issue with grasshoppers and I've been thinking about putting a grafting wax over the damaged areas like you would on trees. I was wondering if any of you had experience here, as I'm not entirely sure if it'll work. Been spraying with a garlic/cayenne pepper mix but it's only had moderate success. Going to switch to neem oil and distomaceous earth next to try and control them. They've completely eaten the skin off some of the stems.

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  2. Could be just the Hoppers themselves , have you found any Cats (caterpillars)?
    The blk spots could be their poop. Check the plants for cats, and if you see any I use BT once a week to keep them controlled. Not sure on if it's hoppers I never had them before
    Good Luck
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  3. I haven't seen any caterpillars, though I'm sure its possible.
  4. the little black specs are Spider mites ...
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  5. Grasshoppers are far to big to spray for. Anything powerful enough to kill them you really don't want on your Cannabis. Inspect daily and manually remove and crush them. Their damage is usually limited to fan leafs and they do no harm to the buds.

    Most insect issues outside are self correcting. To many plant eater in one spot and a predator comes along for a meal. Praying mantis and ladybugs are the predators I find most often.

    The 2 issues I do have to treat for is Powdery Mildew and caterpillars.
    PM = Green Cure.
    Caterpillars = BT.

    The caterpillars can ravage your outside grow long before you know it's infested. My first good outside grow I destroyed 95% of as it was just to far gone to consider using. Every dot of caterpillar shit forms a blob of mold.
    After all my careful trimming and hanging they started to crawl out and hang from silk off the drying buds. Just a few the first day. Dozens the 2nd day. Hundreds by the 3rd day and finally Thousands by the 3rd and 4th day.

    Even spraying weekly I've had spots of damage when I missed a week or wasn't getting complete coverage.
    Every dead spot will have a cattie in the hole left after pulling out the dead bit.

    Green cure I get at the local Hydroponic store.
    BT from the local garden center at half the price the hydro shop charges for the same stuff.
    Bacillus Thuringiensis
    Is a biological not a chemical poison. The catties have to eat some treated leaf then it forms crystals in their gut and they die.
    Harmless to birds, fish, and earthworms it's usually sold to control hornworms on tomatoes.
    BT on Mondays, Cure on Wednesdays, every week on the cure start to finish, BT from the first sign of flower or sooner if you find them.
    Running a bug zapper nearby will help limit the moths that are the source of the catties.
    I use a low power 15 watt and chop the grills out so I can brush the dead out every morning to help keep track of how bad the moth infestation is. Really bad and I step up the BT to twice a week.

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