Need help identifying issues.

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  1. This is my first ever grow.

    I've asked a few friends irl and no one knows what this is.
    I assumed it was a calcium deficiency in one and toxicity in the other though nothing has changed in 2 weeks.

    All of this is probably unnecessary but here's the details:

    Growing medium is coco mixed with perlite.
    There are two plants, One under a Spider Farmer sf1000D, The other is under a mogobe 150w.
    Strain is unknown, Gifted seeds from a friend.
    They are in week 9 of flower.
    Smaller plant with the bigger issues is about 16" from the light
    Bigger plant is 10" from the light. Ceiling height is only 6.2', light has been dimmed due to burn issues.
    Humidity is 40%, Temp is on average 73-75F
    Runoff ph is 6.2 on both plants
    For nutrients I am using just general hydroponics trio with Calimagic.
    The water I use is collected rain/snow. City water is really bad.
    Any holes/tears in the leaves you see in the pictures were due to me having 2 nearly 5' plants in a 2x2x5 tent.
    They have since been moved into the newly built grow room.

    Assuming the pictures keep the order they are uploaded in
    The first 2 pictures are from the big plant, the rest are from the other.

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  2. I see calcium deficiency. I use 1mL of calimagic per L of water, but sometimes this happens because of an imbalance (like too much Mg or K).
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  3. "...The water I use is collected rain/snow. City water is really bad....."

    try some calmag check the labels of your stuff first

    even 25% tap water you get the free needed minerals

    good luck
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  4. Thanks guys! Was using about 2.5ml / gal calmag and recently went to 3ml. I'll up it a bit more and see what happens.
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  5. If your feeding the plant a good amount of grow,bloom and cal-mag the plants are more likely to be burnt, if you haven't feed them in weeks(low EC), they may need some food, but keep it light in late flower.
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  6. You have to be on top of that when growing in coco, because cal-mag issues is the negative side of coco.
  7. Coco does hold on to some calcium and magnesium, so you basically have to 'fill up' the coco first before there is any for the plant.

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