Need help identifying bugs.. again. Pics in post.

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  1. This has proven to be a learning experience year. I’ve had 2 years successfully without any bugs or problems. Now this Year I’ve had aphids, thrips, bad wind damage and NOW whatever this bug is. I believe wherever it eats it leaves the leafs white. Here’s the pics of the bugs. They move fast so doubt aphids. If any of you know I’d really appreciate it. My plants are just beginning to flower so can still use a light pesticide like bt or something.

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  2. The more I look I think they are Aphids.. just clear. Last time they were orange but I guess they can be clear as well. Can anyone confirm aphids are back?
  3. Aphids. Check for ants. Ants mine the aphids for the sweet juices they leave behind. Insecticidal soap, and Diatomaceous earth. If you are in flower don't use neem.
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