Need Help Identifying Brand of Custom Bubbler

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    I've had this thing for a couple days now and don't get me wrong I love it. The hits are perfect and smooth. Only problem is I can't Identify the brand ofone of the pieces. Thanks in Advance Blades
  2. Somebody has to have a similar piece ?
  3. You won't end up finding a brand name for that ash catcher and bowl piece because they are most likely from China but that is one nice ass J-hook adapter. I don't know the blower but with that signature stamp on the side I'm sure it's only a matter of time before a blade can identify it!

    I love J-hooks, enjoy yours!

  4. Yeah well I got the Bowl for free and the ash catch/chamber are name-brand according to the high end head shop I went to. But yea i'm trying to find what brand the J-hook is lol
  5. Last Bump :(
  6. I bet the guy who made the A/C was Chinese...

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