Need help identifying a pipe

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  1. I was in los Angeles back in 91, and I bought a pipe that was a glass tube about six inches long and had a spring that was fat in the middle and tapered to a point on both ends. The spring could be adjusted to different parts of the glass tube and it had a wooden stem you inhaled from. You placed whatever you where smoking in front of the spring, and when you inhaled, smoke was trapped behind the spring, giving you an extra hit. It also came with a wooden plunger you used to move the spring and clean the pipe. If anyone could tell me the name of this wonderful pipe and where I could acquire one I would be eternally grateful.
    Thank you.
  2. That sounds awesome
  3. Sounds like the old school glass blunts to me.

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  4. Agreed, I think it's an old school glass blunt, there are tons of really good ones now, pretty cheap too!

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