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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ToastyT, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. so before I get into this I'm just letting the reader know it might be a little lengthy , before I start a little backround on my smoking history, I started smoking my sophmore year highschool when I was 15 almost 16 I did so for about 6 months till my dad(who also happens to be a parole officer lol) had caught me after I came home for a concert being the headass he is I was drug tested and could not smoke for a little while so long story short I was an ON and off smoker for 2 years and did not smoke my entire senior year of high school while 17, right when I turned 18 and graduated in may I got my mmj card( AZ btw don't know if that matters) so basically I am 19 years old currently now and have had my mmj card for a couple months over a year
    So when I first got my card things were great for the first couple months, but I was starting to have extreme stomach pain and vomiting everymorning, I have had doctors tell me it's CHS( cannaboid hypermesis syndrome) which I did not believe so from about august of last year to about febuary this year I had this stomach pain and vomiting almost every other morning, it did however subside and I have not had the symptoms since but I do still have the stomach pain and pain underneath my right rib cage, I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy done which only found a hiatel hernia and stomach inflammation,
    I was found to be allergic to EVRYTHING I mean litterally everything Fruits, veggies, sever ragweed and pollen allergy I can't have milk soy evern fucking potatoes lmao so anyway
    I was fine from February until around may I started getting bad back and chest pain but nothing wrong with my heart/ heart beats until one night I ate a 150mg edible made from concentrate and had a terrible experience my heart was racing through my chest at 200 bpm and I really thought I was having a heartattack after that I had only smoked 5 times after and everytime my heart was beating uncontrollbly through my chest and I always felt like I was gonna die and the last time I smoked was 2 months ago, I took 3 hits out of my bong and again it happend and I fainted it was a terrible since then I've had multiple test on my heart and echo cardio gram on my heart, 3 ekg's, chest x ray and a holeter moniter that I wore for 1 day and everything came back fine everytime, to this day every time I breathe in or do any slight activity my chest and heart hurt severely i've had terrible headaches back pain numbness on my left side of my face and down my body I had an MRI on my brain also which came back fine, my primary doctor suggest that it's possible that I might have lupus so I've had a lot going on. I'm two months sober now and I really just want to smoke a bowl like you can't even imagine i've taken this break to find myself a better job and once I get hired I'm going to attempt to smoke again, is there any tips anyone can give me to maybe be able to figure out what was causing this and what might still be causing this pain's and what I could do to smoke again sorry for this being so detailed and long I just want awnsers. ( also from the time I got my card until this past June so about a year I had lost 40 pounds ) I i've gained about 12 pounds back since I've stop smoking so maybe that was the root cause who knows, it could have been a flareup from lupus that cause me to lose all that weight and now it's coming back down. Or I could just all be from weed I have no clue Someone help me out please :( Also don't say it's anxiety or that I'm just paranoid because it's really not like that The doctors even tried giving me multiple anxiety medications nothing works that's not the root cause anyway have a nice day thank you guys
  2. Don't smoke weed. If you do, prepare yourself for the side effects.
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  3. So you were told to stop smoking because its bad for you and you still smoke. You might be the first person in history to die from ingesting weed. Following this thread.
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