Need Help how Wet Should RockWool Be!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by culljosh, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. I just moved a plant from soil into a Bubble Hydro System.

    I am sure You know What it is.

    Anyways I moved the plant into Coco Coir and and they took off good.

    I am using All Dutch Master Nutri.

    I bought small Rockwool round Cubes that are split, and put them around the base.

    I have noticed some water has hit it and somewhat soaked it

    Should I have it Completly Dry??? or Somewhat Wet?

    I dont want Stem Rot cause they are looking good

    Please help??

  2. You put rockwool starter plug around the stem at the base of your plant above the soil(coir) line? Is that correct? If so, why? Can you post a pic?
  3. well i transplanted the soil plant to hydroponics.

    then put in coco fiber and just to be safe i put some grodans rock wool starter around the base.

    Just to make sure it holds up Straight but i have notice the bottom is a little wet on plant to the right, and the other has its roots all completly in coco coir but just a rockwool plug
    to make sure it holds straight up.

    SO basically i have one that has its roots all the way grown in coco coir
    and just a rockwool cube to hold in place.

    the one too the right, has a plant that has its roots in coco coir and i also put
    rockwool grodans around the base.

    But the rock wool is getting wet, so i was wondering cause i dont want stem rought?

    Sorry the pic isnt the best.

  4. I'd remove the rockwool, it might cause you problems in the long run.

    If it's really not that damp it'll be ok but if it starts staying dripping wet or close to it, you're just asking for trouble.

    Try to provide those seedlings with more light at the same temp next time, you'll get shorter stems and faster growth :)
  5. I Have A N*Vision 150 Watt

    and Using Dutch Master Advanced Nutri.

    What Do you Think a plant will yield?

    1 oz I Think. Per Plant.

    I have seen some good reviews over those bulbs but i wanna get
    HPS soon as Possible.

    Any other tips I trying to maintain ph and everything.

  6. Absolutely no way to tell until you find out how well you do, or do not, grow. Time is your answer to that one, my friend. ;)
  7. Ok So The Plant in the rockwool that got wet alot seems to not be growing its pretty much gone.

    the other is striving man a small tad yellow on leaf.......?

    could that be leaf burn cause they are not wilting and light is like 10cm away plus.

    150 watt NVision CFL



  8. You'll see a lot of spots and stuff on lower leaves as time goes on. I have no experience with dutch masters nutes. Did you find someone on here that has the same type of environment as you and uses a standard nute strategy with them? (It's always best to mimic someone who gets great results until you get enough experience to do it yourself.)

    That's why I use FloraNova nutes the way Lucas and pH recommend. Do a search for those nutes and see if you can find someone who uses them well and is also able to help you.

    Keep on movin' forward and never stop reading!

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