Need Help! How to Pass Hair/Urine Test

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  1. Greeting's to all on this nice beautiful day!

    I have recently been offered a new job with a nice pay, however I will be subjected to submit a urine/hair test or both. I am a hefty smoker. I usually smoke about 2-3 times a day. Just like a bowl pack, not like an 8th a day or 2 grams a day. Just enough between the cheeks and gum's to get me blazed :smoke: I am cheap on money ATM, but I have been researching on people using Toxin Wash, Zydot, Bleaching, & redyeing. I just want to know are these product's any good for passing? I won't get a phone call till later this week to find out exactally what day I am going to get tested. It may be in a 7-12 day's. I haven't smoked since 3 day's and I am tempted to smoke a little pack today since I have some time.

    So, please if you all can be so kind and give me your tips or method's on how to pass.

    For the urine part, I hear drinking a lot of water is the way to go. Maybe I can go to my local drug store and by some detoxing tea's or drink's?

    Thank's guy's! :gc_rocks: Blaze on!

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  3. Does the testing place consider diluted urine as positive? Drink a gallon of water and piss a few times before going in. Take a lot of vitamins to make your piss yellowish but still diluted.

    If you have a few days, you can start now drinking and pissing all day and you will pass in no less than 3 days, more days the heavier smoker you are.

    Don't wake up and go in for the test without pissing at least twice.

    Hair test? I doubt it, as it's a lot more expensive and they only want to show you are drug free so they can cover themselves legally in most cases.
  4. If they do a hair test you're screwed. Your best bed is to not smoke, drink lots of water and go exercise a lot so you sweat a bunch
  5. Okay, thank's. What about the shampoo's? Doesn't Marijuana stay in your hair for up to 3 month's?

    I remember he told me that Marijuana can last in your hair for 2 year's. I laughed inside my head and told him I only smoked once three year's ago lol

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  7. well the urine is easy, drink mad water, work out alot, and your good, just before you pee in the cup piss a little into the toilet, the hair however...thats hard, idk how to beat that.

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