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Need help - How long THC stays in system

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by chsreds, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. so basically I haven't smoked in 4 months prior to this.. I just got outta rehab like 5 days ago and ended up picking up a gram, I smoked like 10 hits of out before I gave it away to one of my buddies. The thing is I have court in a week, will I be able to rid the thc from my body in this amount of time? It was stupid of me to smoke anyways but I'm hoping with enough water I can flush it out of my system no problem. Remember I haven't toked in months prior to this.

    chsreds :smoking:
  2. Exercise and drink alot of water.. It's different for every person but it was definitely very stupid of you just coming out of rehab and having to go to court again in a week. Priorities man..
  3. Yeah. Should I just tell my P.O I fucked up? I'm kinda unsure what to do but the thing is, I don't get drug tested in the juvenile court and that's what I'm going to court for. I get tested in adult court and they haven't given me a court date yet
  4. Yeah bad idea.. Haha but where at the head shop where I live you can buy this drink that gets thc out of your body.. But yeh drink lots of water and exercise
  5. It can take 45 days to get THC out of your system .. I highly suggest fake piss.. however several gallons of water before you go into court ..make sure your bladder is full of water only... so piss, drink, piss, drink..until court time. that way all you piss is water .. the test may show that too..just an FYI ;) good luck.
  6. If you aren't going to be tested on your court date in a week just keep exercising and flushing your system, I've read stories of healthy people having it in their system for up to a month.. It really is person to person.. Definitely do not smoke anymore.
  7. If you are clean and smoke one day. It will be out of your system within a week.

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