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Need help hiding my shit

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Pretzable, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. I know there are plenty of threads already discussing this but none really answered my problem. I keep all my shit in a box about 6 in by 3.5 in, (grinder, weed, mflb, pipe, papers etc. and I really just cannot find a place that my folks won't find (18 yo senior). Please help give some ideas
  2. Put it in Pandora's Box. They'll never look there.
  3. Your parents shouldn't be snooping through your stuff THAT much, just put it in a drawer
  4. You've got a mind that can think, right? I don't know the lay out of your house like I'm sure you know everything in your home. There are probably hundreds of places to hide things in your house. Only you can figure that one out! Got an old playstation 2? Pull out the back and stuff your shit in there.
  5. Be clever. We dont know what your room looks like. It should be airtight if you dont want it to smell, and tucked away somewhere no one would look but still be accessible so you can toke without have to break through fort knox.
  6. Go to GameStop and buy a ps2 ( the original one) for 50$ and in the back there is a spot you can hide stuff. I can fit my scale an eighth my grinder and my mflb inside
  7. [​IMG] seems to work pretty well for my cats.

  8. God damn sneaky ass cats!
  9. I usually just keep my shit in my car and hide my keys / keep them in my pocket at ALL TIMES.
  10. yea but it's not really smart to riding around with shit all the time unless you are legal.

    If you type in "stash book" on ebay stash book | eBay

    you get a bunch of options. (hollowed out book) but that might be hot if you don't have many books and u randomly buy a book. But just a suggestion. There are also many other types of stash items like stash bottles etc.

    The ps2 is probably a good idea too.
  11. Sock in a sock cabinet holder
  12. Maybe a good lockbox?
  13. I just leave mine in my night stand in a little box. As long as it doesnt reek of herb you should be strait.
  14. tell your parents not to snoop through your shit?

    god damn man it's not that hard
  15. hide it in plain sight. i had my pipe sitting behind my alarm clock always, and my parents used to use my bathroom all the time. never seen a thing.
  16. Get one of the fake soda can containers..they got all kinds..cleaners sprays coffee snacks hairspray..anything you have in your room theirs a fake stash one lol just browse arround be creative

    Or like the others said talk with them..if their snooping your obviously doing something wrong to them..and it is their house im assuming

    if your 18 and their snooping thats on you
  17. I second the playstation idea. Seriously, who's going to look there? I know people who have owned a ps2 for years and didn't even know that compartment exists.

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  18. Put your stash under your drawers or in your shoes (if you keep them in your closet or something). My dad would raid my room every time he smelled weed, and he never found my bowl, my weed, or my papers that were hidden in my shoes.
  19. Hide it in your pc tower and leave the screws undone. Quick access and I doubt anyone would look there.

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  20. My parents know so I hide it where I like

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